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Caesar Finance: Auto Staking Platform On Avax Chain

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on April 10, 2022 by cryptocreed

Want to convert $1000 to $1537174? Then you will love Caesar Finance with their auto staking platform. Caesar Finance is one and only highest paying Staking portal on Avax chain.

Investors are always looking for quick ROI and high APY for them projects like Caesar are perfect. nowadays it is not hard to find such projects as you are already landed on best crypto blog website, here we share all high APY platforms and their details.

In this article, Caesar Finance review we are going to share brief detail about platform, features, social links, and much more related to project.

What Is Caesar Finance?

Caesar Finance is a fork of Titano on Avax. It offers transforming DeFi with their auto staking protocol features that delivers highest APY in industry by any platform on Avaxchain.

It offers rebasing rewards every 30 minutes and their feature of buy-hold-earn where you grow your earning on your wallet without investing it anywhere else.

Caesar offers highest fixed APY in AVAX market at 153617.5%. It is hosted and built on top of AVAX-C chain. Get your own  AVAX-C Chain Wallet from here.

Audit Report

It is most important to check audit report of project. If projects have not any audit report then you should stay away from it. This is what investors keen to check first.

Caesar Finance is audited by Certik and Solidity Finance. You can find audit report by Certik here. You can also find link of audit reports with latest updated reports on their official website Caesar.Finance.

Caesar Finance Features

Following are features that you may like to know about. For more details on features you can check out their Document page here.

Daily Rewards: Daily rewards and fast rewards are important in such projects as you get your profit back daily and every 30 minutes on Caesar. You will get reward 40 times in a day. Rebase rewards are 0.04189% every 30 minutes.

Risk-Free Value (RFV): Risk Free Value or RFV is a wallet on Caesar’s CAP system that uses your wallet and an algorithms to back your rebase rewards. Buy and Sell trading fees are accrue in the RFV wallet.

Treasury: This feature gives you growth and sustainability on platform. Buy backs and burns of token when pair supply is equal to or more than 2.5% of total supply. Treasurey funds are used to develop new Caesar products and projects that will support Caesar ecosystem.

User Friendly: The platform is very easy to use and interact even newbies can get familiar with them. Their guideline will help you to understand platform more quickly. You can find all details related to your staking on dashboard within a few clicks.

Caesar Finance Token Details


Ticker: $CAESAR

Contract Address: 0xEDdeF578a930DDc6F8Ceef10f4B00829c54686C2

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 1,185,905,955.684971

AutoLiquidity Address: 0xBD06652acd936AC5987d7fC9aAd316F9DC5D490f

Treasury Wallet: 0x34a4892E3004b7a7e577E45075Be9d69C9f13b3E

RFV Address: 0xD67e4A31A74c3A709f64c353c9c1698654bf9938

How To Buy Tokens

As of now Caesar token is trading on Bogged Finance swap platform. Before you start buying you need to to have following things.

Following given steps and you will get your token on your wallet within a few seconds.

Go to Bogged Finance from here (verify links with official website).

Connect your Metamask wallet.

Choose Avalanche as your network.

Now you can swap but if you face any issue then set slippage at 15%.

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