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What Is UNUS SED LEO Crypto? Wallet, Token, and Price

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what is unus sed leo coin

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UNUS SED LEO coin is the ERC-20 and EOS-based utility token. The token is owned and launched by BitFinex for the empowering BitFinex platform and it is used by the BitFinex platform itself.

UNUS SED LEO token was available for public purchase and the team sold all LEO tokens and raised 1$ Billion worth of USDT.

According to their whitepaper, the use of token may lead to the Proceeds may be used for working capital and general business purposes, including capital expenditures, operating expenses, repayment of indebtedness, and other recapitalization activities.

BitFinex team will repurchase or buy back the LEO token from the market. The repurchase of the token will depend on the revenue generated by iFinex each month. It means if iFinex gained profit, then the team will buy back 27% of the previous month’s revenue.

Advantages of LEO Token

Definitely, UNUS SED LEO coin is developed for some purpose and platforms like BitFinex never do anything for tests. So yes there are some good advantages of the LEO token.

The first use of the LEO token on BitFinex is that token holders will get 15% off on any cryptocurrency pair trades. By holding token you can save some percentage of fees on each trade.

The second advantage of the LEO token on BitFinex is related to discounts on withdrawal on the exchange. The trader who holds more than 50 million LEO token will get a discount of up to 25% on every cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal. Also, the trader who has tokens worth 50 million USD will be free from fees for up to 2 million USD withdrawal.

The third benefit is monthly discounts to token holders, every token holder who holds 10K USDT in LEO token will get a discount of 0.05%, it will be based on the previous month’s balance. These discounts can go up to 5% which depends on the holds.

UNUS SED LEO Token Platform

Which blockchain is used to create an LEO token? The token is created on Ethereum and EOS blockchain. For more deep information regarding token creation check out BitFinex official blog page.

Best Unus SED LEO Wallet

You can use BitFinex’s wallet or you can use any other ERC20 supported token or EOS-based wallet. You can visit our ERC20 supported wallet page here.

Where To Buy UNUS SED LEO Crypto

UNUS SED LEO crypto was available for trade just after their token sale. LEO Token is trading on the exchange site like Gate.ioOkex, and KuCoin.

The most common trading pairs are the U.S. dollar, the USDT stablecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, EOS, Waves, and others.

You can check out other altcoin and bitcoin exchanges here.

What Is the UNUS SED LEO contract address?

Click here to open and visit etherscan of the LEO token.

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