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Vite Paper Wallet Generator To Create VITE Coin Address

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Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by cryptocreed

Vitecoin was launched or founded in 2018 and since then it has grown slowly & steadily. If you are holding Vite coins then you should hold your coins on cold storage wallets like Vite paper wallet or hardware wallet.

Hardware wallets will cost you some amount of money but paper wallets are absolutely free and you get access to your wallets without any third person involvement.

The current price of the Vite coin is $0.092 and all-time high it touched $0.33 in April 2021. It seems this is the best time to invest in Vite coins to hold for the long run.

Vite Coin is trading on all major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Okex.

Best Vite Paper Wallet

Currently, there is only one paper wallet that generates addresses for Vite coin. If you know any other paper wallet for Vite then do comment below.

JohnGarnham’s Paper Wallet

This paper wallet was created and published by a GitHub user named JohnGarham. It was posted in October 2021. This is the newest and only paper wallet for Vite coin.

Following is the GitHub link: https://github.com/JohnGarnham/Vite-Paper-Wallet-Generator

You can download the code from here and extract the zip. Find index.html and run it offline to generate the address. Code is also active and hosted on GitHub also, which means you can generate addresses by just visiting hosted link.

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Visit the following link “https://johngarnham.github.io/Vite-Paper-Wallet-Generator/” and you can find addresses are generated. Every time you visit the site it will generate new addresses.

Click on Print/Download to download your paper wallet.

The developer of this wallet is also active on Twitter, find him here.

How To Check Vite Balance?

To check the balance of Vite you can do that by simply visiting ViteScan (https://vitescan.io/) and searching your wallet address. Make sure you are not sharing your private key with anyone.

Do you know any other Vite paper wallet generator then please share it in comment section.

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