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12 Best Avax Wallets To Store Avalanche Coin In 2024

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Avalanche is one of the most profitable coins for investors as it has grown from $5 to $40 in the last year. The current total 24-hour volume is 15,126 BTC and the market cap is 149,889 BTC.

It is ranked 42nd as per the coinmarketcap website. The popularity of the AVAX coin is growing day by day.

In today’s article, we are going to check out the list of best Avalanche wallets. It is important to know which one is the best wallet to store Avax coins.

If you came here while searching for the best Avalanche wallet then I am pretty sure you know what is Avalanche already but if you don’t know then I would suggest visiting their website and getting knowledge. It is a truly awesome coin.

Let’s check out the list of wallets and learn how to create an Avalanche paper wallet as well.

Best Avalanche Wallet In 2024

There are many places where you can store your AVAX coin and below are the best of them. Choose as per your requirements. I always recommend using Hardware wallets or Paper wallets. They both are safe in their way.

Ledger Avax Wallet

Ledger is a hardware wallet that has been in the industry for many years. With Ledger, you can transact AVAX coin, stake Avax coin, and take advantage of exclusive benefits using the Ledger promo code.

Ledger supports more than hundreds of crypto coins plus tokens. The wallet will cost you around $80.

Follow the below steps to check how you can access the Ledger wallet to store your AVAX coin.

  1. Open the Manager in Ledger Live.
  2. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  3. If asked, allow the manager on your device.
  4. Find Avalanche in the app catalog.
  5. Click the Install button of the app.
    • Your device will display Processing…
    • The app will be installed.


Trezor is another hardware wallet that supports Avalanche coins. They have currently two models one is the Trezor Model T and the second one is the Trezor Model One.

Trezor Model T will cost you around $55 and Trezon Model One will cost you $188.

You can compare both hardware wallets and check if they are easily available in your country or not and then make your purchase.

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Avalanche Official Wallet

Avalanche has its official wallet that allows you to store AVAX coins anytime and anywhere. You can also use a hardware wallet Ledger with an Official wallet for better security and a fast experience.

Visit the wallet page from here and click on Create New Wallet. Generate Key Phrase and log in as you do with other wallets.

There is no Avalanche paper wallet available this wallet allows you to store your private keys with you and you can also download private keys in the TXT format.

As there is no AVAX paper wallet, here is a site that you can use to store your keys as a paper wallet or QR code. “https://www.avalanchepaperwallet.com“, is highly recommended to store your coins in the wallet that you have access to.

It is an open-source wallet and here is the GitHub source link https://github.com/ava-labs/avalanche-wallet. This can be the best Avax wallet if you are aware of how to use it.


Guarda is a mobile-based and desktop crypto wallet that allows you to store multiple coins including AVAX and you can easily stake, exchange, earn, and buy cryptocurrencies within a few clicks.

It is a Non-Custodial wallet so you get your keys while creating an account on Guarda, the browser will save cookies so you can access your wallet anytime.


Download MathWallet with Avalanche Wallet support. The funds are only accessible to their owners. Send, store, and exchange cryptocurrency on your mobile.

It has more than 100K downloads on the Play Store and 40K or more users on Chrome. If you are not able to use any of the above wallets then you can try out MathWallet once.

Metamask Easiest Avax Wallet

Do you know that you can add Avalanche to your Metamask wallet? Yes, you can here is an article on how to add AVAX to Metamask. Like you use Ethereum and Binance in Metamask you can now use it to store Avax coins as well.

Metamask is the best wallet for Avax.


Zerion supports more than 10 networks including Ethereum and Avalanche. You can send, receive, trade, buy NFTs, and much more through their app. The Zerion is available in Web, iOS, Android, and SDK formats.

It also provides WebSocket API which allows users to developers integrate the platform into their applications without developing their platform. Zerion is the Avax wallet staking enabled.

They have more than 220K active users per month that process more than $1.2 billion in total transactions.

Another Way To Create the Best Avalanche Wallet

If you are a smallholder and daily trader then you can create an Avalanche wallet on Binance. Binance is a trusted exchange where you can store a small amount of your AVAX. CEX is more vulnerable than DEX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any official avalanche wallet app?

As of now, there is no official wallet app but they have an official wallet which you can find above.

Which type of wallet is safe?

Hardware wallets are considered safer. Paper wallets are also safe but you need to know how to use them safely.

TrustWallet supports Avalance?

No. While writing this article they do not support Avax coin.

What are the avalanche transaction fees?

The transaction fees are paid in AVAX coins, the average transactional fee is between 0.001 AVAX to 0.01 AVAX.

Note: Never share your Avax Wallet Private Key With anyone.

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