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ICON Paper Wallet Generator: Create ICX Paper Wallet

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Are you an ICON holder? Looking for the safest way to store ICX coins? ICON Paper Wallet is one of the best ways to store your coins offline.

HODL investors do mostly use Hardware wallets or paper wallets for their holdings. Paper wallets allow you to have full control over your wallet and they decline your dependency on any third-party app.

Usually, paper wallets are open-source so you can check the code of yourself and they work offline as well. Hence there is almost 0% chance of losing your coins, unless or until you do any blunder.

ICON is a blockchain protocol for decentralized applications. As an aggregator chain, it achieves interoperability—a web of interconnected networks aggregating all blockchain data into one layer.

ICON has partnered with Samsung, Line, Shinhan Bank, Saramin, and others

The current price of the ICX coin is $1.19 and trading on all major exchanges including Okex, Huobi, and Binance.

Best ICON Paper Wallet To Store ICX Coin

Following are the best and available paper wallets that you can use to store ICX coins safely.

Blockmove’s ICX Paper Wallet

Blockmove is a user on Github is voluntarily supporting the ICON project and he does develop different tools for the ICON project including ICX Paper Wallet and Explorer.

To create ICON addresses using this paper wallet you can download the script from here. Or can visit the online version of the script here (https://eublockmove.github.io/icon-paper-wallet/) once you visit the link it will generate public and private keys with a QR code which you can download or print.

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If you are downloading the script, then after you download the script extract it and open the index.html file on your browser and it will generate an address for you.

GitHub Link: https://github.com/eublockmove/icon-paper-wallet

How To Access Your ICON Paper Wallet

After creating a wallet using the above-mentioned site or script you have got your private and public keys. keep them safe and do not open them daily.

To access your wallet you can use ICON’s official browser extension. The link to their extension wallet can be found on their official site https://iconrepublic.org/.

How To Check ICON Balance?

To check the balance of your wallet copy your public key and search that on ICON Explorer. You can use official explorer here https://tracker.icon.foundation/.

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