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TruePlay – Blockchain based platform for gambling

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Gambling industries are not trusted as we think. Transparency of gambling industry is the cruelest thing which is already taken place in the current gambling industry. TruePlay makes the situation more easy for gamblers. They are making gambling + casino industry more transparent, impartial and honest for everyone, who used to join on their platform. Either you are player, owner of a gambling site or you are affiliate hunter.

TruePlay changing gambling industry by implementing payment gate & player KYC/AML compliances. Simple game statistics and affiliate programme for gamblers.

Functions or features  which TruePlay have or going to adopt

TruePlay wallet: Gambling shop owners can accept TPLAY and other crypto assets as payment in a single click through TruePlay wallet. This helps to reduce the load and time of both customers and owners.

Low-cost KYC and AML process: KYC and AML is the prior security for any upcoming problem. The TruePlay team will manage to verify the KYC and AML.

Referral commission: Refer the owners of the sites or other users to earn commission on their transaction. The more loyal you will get more profit.

Login and Account security: Only registered and KYC completed users will get access of the all features of the site.

Payment: All the payments will get paid within time because of the smart contract.


The demo version of the game is already launched you can test here how it works FairPlay.io

TPLAY Token specification and ICO details:

Token ticker: TPLAY

Token type: ERC20

Platform Token: Ethereum

Total token supply: 70,000,000

ICO start date: N/A

ICO end date: N/A

Soft cap: 3000 ETH

Hard cap: 43000 ETH

A rate of a token (ICO): 1000 TPLAY = 1.12 ETH

Minimum purchase in ICO: N/A

Accepting CryptoCurrency: ETH

TruePlay (TPLAY) Token distribution details:

Token sale: 60%

Team & Advisors: 20%

Bounty campaign: 1%

Reserve: 19%

TPLAY Fund distribution details:

Development: 20%

Reserve: 26%

marketing: 20%

Legal and Compliance: 7%

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