Offline MyEtherWallet- Guide how to run MEW offline

Last Updated on October 26, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Fast and secure way to send your ETH and ERC20 Token

Hello guys, one more guiding article. Here we will tell you how to run MyEtherWallet (MEW) offline. You guys may be heard a recent Scam and a hacking attempt on MEW. Many of you may don’t know how to use MEW offline here we will guide you Using MEW offline considered the safest way to control your ETH or ERC20 tokens. There no need for an internet connection.

Most users choose to have one separate computer (or in rare cases mobiles too) to use offline wallets.

Myetherwallet Offline Download and install the wallet

Make sure that your computer doesn’t have an Internet connection.

You need to download the latest version MyEtherWallet wallet from here. You can download this wallet from any other computer. Click on  ( X.X.X. is the version of a wallet like the current version is 3.21.11 ).


Move this .ZIP file to your offline computer, you can use a USB stick or something similar. After moving extract all files where you want in your offline PC. After extracting all the files you can find these files:

Everything is there what you need. Now to do the transaction, open the MyEtherWallet by clicking on the index.html file. You are now on the MyEtherWallet page, here you can do all the things which you are doing normally by visiting (like sending ETH or ERC20 tokens), mew send offline.


You may get a warning saying that it is unable to connect to the network, ignore this.

You can’t see your Ether or token balance in your MyEtherWallet offline, but you can use Etherscan or Ethplorer to see your balance.

Must update Offline wallet, at least once in a month, as a team is updating website or wallet constantly.

Here is a guide on how to send Ethereum or token offline.

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