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Sia Paper Wallet: Store SC Coin In Paper Wallets To Keep It Safe

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Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by cryptocreed

Storing SC coins in a Sia paper wallet can save your coin from losing it. Paper wallets give you access to your private keys and public addresses so you are the real owner of your wallet instead of any third-party apps or platform.

Most of the wallets are custodial wallets which means they are hosted & managed by someone else, like Coinbase and Blockchain.

Sia coin is trading on various top exchanges including Kraken and Binance. The current price of the SC coin is $0.02297 with around $85,566,512 24-hour volume.

All paper wallets are the same the difference is in procedure and design. If you are a Lisk coin holder then check out a list of Lisk paper wallets here.

You can check your wallet balance using explorers like https://siastats.info.

Let’s check out the available Sia paper wallet & codes.

Best Sia Paper Wallet

Following are the best and most used paper wallets to generate SiaCoin addresses. If you know any other wallet then do use the comment box to know us.


MySiaCoin is an unofficial cold storage SC coin wallet generator written in node js. It generates 20 wallet addresses and a private recovery code.

The wallet doesn’t store any type of data from the user’s side, it can be used to run offline as well. So you can securely create a wallet online or offline easily.

The wallet also shows a price ticker but currently, it seems offline.

It was developed by Reddit user roccoaugusto. He developed and posted the wallet 5 years back in 2016.

Online Link: https://mysiacoin.com/

GitHub Link: https://github.com/roccstar/mysiacoin

SiaPaperWallet.Co – siacoin paper wallet

Siapaperwallet.co is another paper wallet generator that generates SC coin addresses with just one simple click.

The wallet was created & developed by GitHub user “myusuf3” in 2016 and the code was never touched after the creation. The web version seems offline for now but you can find code on Github which you can run offline.

The home.html can give you access to generate wallet addresses but it requires running in the server to run other files.

Online Link: siapaperwallet.co

GitHub Link: https://github.com/myusuf3/siapaperwallet

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