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Best Lisk Paper Wallets To Store LSK Coin Safely & Easily

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for the safest place to store your LSK coin? Then you should go with Lisk paper wallets. Paper wallets are the best and easiest way to store any coin.

But choosing trusted among them is not easy as most of the coins do not develop their official paper wallets. But here you do not worry as I am going to list the best Lisk paper wallets that are trusted and safe to use, as of now.

Lisk is a blockchain application platform. They make blockchain accessible by creating a world in which everyone benefits from this technology. To know more about them visit their website.

LSK coin is currently trading on major exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, Okex, and many more. The current price of the coin is $4.40.

Best Lisk Paper Wallet

Following are the currently available Lisk Paper Wallet that yo ca use offline as well.

Liskpaperwallet.com (By rferro)

The user on Github name rferro, developed this wallet in 2016. To generate addresses you just need to visit the website or download the code from Github and open index.html.

After that, move your cursor on the screen till addresses are generated. Next, you can find Secret Passphrase, Public address, Entropay, Seed, Passphrase sha256, public key, and Private Key.

It allows you to print your wallet that includes only a Secret passphrase & public address.

If you have your secret key from any other wallet then you can check your wallet detail by clicking on entering Secret Passphrase.

Github Link: https://github.com/rferro/liskpaperwallet

LiskPaper By NerdVibe

Liskpaper website was another simple paper wallet generated for LSK coin but it seems the website is down for some reason, but it doesn’t matter as code is still available on GitHub.

You can download the code from here(https://github.com/nerdvibe/LiskPaper) and can run the code offline on your PC.

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The wallet was developed 4 years ago and has never been touched by anyone since then. It was also mentioned in many different forums but the developer seems offline.

GitHub: https://github.com/nerdvibe/LiskPaper

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