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ONT: Ontology Paper Wallet Generator To Store ONT Coin Safely

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by cryptocreed

Ontology paper wallet is mainly used by those persons who used to hold their coin for long term or they use their coins very rarely.

Ontology is a blockchain that mainly focused on a high-speed and low-cost public blockchain with decentralized identity and data solutions for Web3 platforms.

The current price of the ONT coin is $0.7422 with $157,371,076 last 24-hour volume. The all-time high was in May 2018, $10.00, and the all-time low was in March 2020, $0.225.

From this, we can guess that this is the correct time to invest in the Ontology coin. But this is not an investment advice article hence let’s check out the list of Ontology paper wallets.

Best Ontology Paper Wallet

There are not many active paper wallets available for Ontology coins but I found one on GitHub which you can use on your own host or computer.

Eskakatana’s ONT Paper Wallet

Eskakatana is the same person that developed the unofficial Tron paper wallet in past. Ontology Paper Wallet Generator is built in HTML and can run easily offline and online as well.

The wallet was built in 2018 and is based on ansy paper wallet. To generate a wallet address you have to simply download the code or visit the website.

After visiting the site or running code offline you have to click on generate a paper wallet and it will generate addresses.

Make sure you saved or print out and keep your addresses safe. Do not share your private keys with anyone.

GitHub Link: https://github.com/eskakatana/ontaddress.org

Site Link (not official): https://ont.avalanchepaperwallet.com

There are no other wallets or codes I found on the internet if you have any paper wallets for ONT that are open source then do share them here using the comment box.

Use above mentioned site on your own risk.

To check your ontology wallet balance you can use Ont official explorer, https://explorer.ont.io.

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