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ProHashing Review 2024: Trusted or Scam Mining Pool

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ProHashing might look new crypto mining platform but don’t worry they are one of the oldest cryptocurrency mining pool. If you are a multi-coin miner then you may like them because they support more than 15 Algorithms.

As many new pools are getting launched it is hard to trust one and it is very hard to use one because we don’t know which turned into a scam or not sure if it is profitable or not.

The only way to know if Prohashing is legit or not is by reading reviews and getting to know what their miners/users are saying about them.

In this Prohashing review, you are going to know each and every possible detail about ProHashing like what is ProHashing, whether legit or a scam, fees, setup, supported coins, customer support, and much more.

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What Is ProHashing?

ProHashing is one of the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency mining pool service providers that aims to provide safe, easy-to-connect, transparent, and profitable mining opportunities through their pools.

It supports more than 15 algorithms like SHA-256, Ethash, X11, Equihash, Neoscrpt, Skein, Qubit, Lyra 2REv2, Equihah-144_5, and CryptonightR.

ProHashing was founded in late 2013 as under development and officially launched in August 2014. They do support around 10 major coins.

ProHashing is one of the trusted company that is coming from America, it is not easy to find their headquarter (on their LinkedIn profile they mentioned State College, PA as Headquarter) but it complies with all regulations and laws according to some sources.

It is also one of those mining pools that never got hacked or faced any criticism from the community over payout or anything else that can make them shady.

Facts About ProHashing

Let’s see some facts that might attract you to use them at least once. The facts are taken while writing this article but this might get updated in real time but not here.

  • Founded:- 2014 August
  • Algorithm Supported: 17
  • Earnable Coins: 182
  • Minable Coins: 32
  • Blocks Available 1878
  • Total Workers: 5800
  • Server Regions: USA, ASIA, and EU
  • Average Daily Profits: $4000

Highlighted Features Of ProHashing Mining Pool

Here are the top features that make them best and it is the reason why you should use them.

Earn Merged Coin:- Prohashing allows you to mine the coins that are minable and it also allows you to get a payout in coins that are non-enables. It also allows you to get other coins while mining like with Litecoin you can get Dogecoin.

Transparent Platform:- Prohashing provides all the data related to the mining stats on their dashboard through charts and daily profit reports.

Solo Mining:- You can do Solo mining of the supported coins here. The lucky person will get a reward and this is the benefit of SOLO mining.

Quick Connect:- ProHashing that experience that it offers its users the easiest configuration tools for setting up their mining rigs and hardware.

Algorithm Switching:- Very fewer numbers of mining pools offer coin switching and the Prohashing mining pool is one of them. The platform itself checks the profitable coin and switches to them.

Charity:- ProHashing helps charity by allowing miners to donate their mined coins to supported charities.

Live & Old Data:- With this mining pool you can check and track your live mining data with a simple dashboard this data includes hash rate, profit, electricity cost, and algorithm.

Payment Methods & Setting

ProHashing supports default withdrawal in Litecoin which some of you may not like and wants to change, you can change your default withdrawal currency.

They support payout in proportions which means you can withdraw some % in some coins and % in any other coins.

You can donate coins to charity or team members as well it’s all up to you.

They do support Coinbase which means you can withdraw any coin to your Coinbase wallet. Each coin has its own minimum payout threshold hence check any coin before using it.

ProHashing Fee Structures

For miners, they do allow mining in three different payment methods PPLNS, SOLO, and FPPS. On average or minimum fee they do charge is 3.99% FPPS and 1.99% PPLNS & SOLO.

The fees are different for different algorithms.

Customer Support

ProHashing offers customer support on Call, Email, and live chat as well. You can’t expect 24/7 support over chat but if you are lucky enough then you can get live chat support here anytime.

Their live chat support itself says “Typically replies in a day”. Moreover, they have a knowledge base in case you want to know some basic things about them. Also, you can use a forum to discuss your query.

ProHashing Is Legit Or Scam?

Without any doubt, WProHashing is a legit crypto mining pool but it has some negative reviews as well which are related to customer support. Most users reported that they are bad at providing customer support.

On Revain they have a rating of 3.7 out of 5 from 11 reviews.

Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.5 out of 5 from 34 reviews.

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