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How the DeFi Sector Is Helping Developing Countries in 2023

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has changed the finance and economy worlds. Now, experts and users have more solutions and options, especially when it comes to connecting to other people worldwide. 

In the year 2023, the DeFi industry is supposed to help developing countries in different ways, for example, it can address some economic challenges and help financial improvement. The article explains how this industry positively impacts those nations, providing them with various alternatives.

DeFi Helps Financial Inclusion

Unfortunately, a lot of people in developing countries are unbanked or can’t access traditional banking systems. In many cases, financial institutions encounter limitations due to operational costs and limited infrastructure options. Therefore, they can’t reach all communities. 

DeFi alternatives put an end to this because projects like 1INCH and Immediate Edge offer everyone access to higher ROI. People need a smartphone and internet connection, and they can use different apps and lend, borrow, and save money. 

Protocols will continue to evolve, so people in developing countries will be able to leverage access to platforms by relying on services that they previously couldn’t use.

Other Opportunities

Developing countries often have trouble offering credit to people, which challenges economic growth and individual entrepreneurial pursuits. DeFi platforms are changing this as well because they offer startups and individuals the opportunity to lend some money. 

Since they are decentralized, DeFi protocols don’t need intermediaries. The application process is much less challenging, and you won’t have to deal with high interest rates. 

At the same time, DeFi platforms rely upon blockchain technology to establish criteria for creditworthiness. With these features, lending will be more accessible and efficient, even if you don’t have a formal history.

Economic Stability

One of the primary issues in developing countries is inflation. Economic instability also causes a lot of stress, causing you to feel very uncertain and doubt your purchasing power. 

With DeFi stablecoins and cryptos joined to traditional assets and currencies such as the US dollar, these options could be a fantastic solution to deal with these challenges.

If you use stablecoins, you could store value and make different transactions without having to deal with inflation. In addition, you get lower fees and quicker options, so you could easily send money to loved ones if they’re abroad and relying on you.

Identity Solutions

Millions of people in developing countries are unable to access financial services because they lack government-issued identification. DeFi project experts are aware of this, so they continuously explore various solutions to give people verifiable IDs. 

The digital identities are on the blockchain and allow people to control their personal information, authenticating themselves without having to rely on the government or other centralized authorities. 

Revolutionizing Finance

Developing countries rely on agriculture many times, but farmers might have trouble accessing financing. 

DeFi apps are coming up with blockchain-based solutions to this, looking to allow more opportunities for agricultural finance. 

Decentralized Governance

Decentralized governance is one of DeFi’s primary characteristics, so users can participate in the decision-making process regardless of where they are.

In developing countries, governments might be corrupt and lack representation, so decentralized governance is a fantastic alternative because you will have a say in what happens to your accounts. It’s empowering. 

Final Thoughts

DeFi is changing developing countries in 2023. It allows for a more inclusive financial space, enables accessible credit alternatives, promotes stability, offers IDs, and revolutionizes many other crucial areas.

The projects still need to change, but they’re empowering people, providing you with greater financial autonomy than ever before, and giving you access to different services. As DeFi options keep growing, so will their impact in developing nations worldwide. There’s still a long way to go, and these alternatives will get even better!

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