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10 Most Profitable Masternodes Coins To Invest In 2024

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Planning to run Masternodes? Or looking for the best profitable Masternodes coins to invest in?

Masternodes are like mining that allows you to mine coins without setting up any mining rig as we do in Ethereum mining.

Even beginners with no knowledge can make money in cryptocurrency through a master node with a basic guide. But Masternode is not the freeway of making money you need to have funds in your hand to run Masternodes.

Let’s check out what are the most profitable Masternodes coin in which you can invest or run Masternodes.

What Is Masternode?

In simple technical words, Masternodes perform tasks that common nodes don’t do. In another simple word, you just need to start an online server by putting your coins on hold.

Masternodes host a full node on a computer by users who hold coins which helps the network to keep up to date and keep it running with real-time data of blockchain.

Mining vs. Masternodes Which One Is Best?

Coins available for mine are bigger in size like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are minable whereas there is a very small number of coins available for Masternode like DASH and PIVX.

Mining is costlier than Masternodes. You have to buy and build Mining RIG or GPUs to mine coins and in a master node coins don’t cost hardware.

If you have the budget then you should do Mining but if you have a limited budget then you should go with Masternode.

Many things they can start mining with around USD 2K which is not current if you want to get a higher ROI. You have to buy more ASICs or RIGs.

How To Choose Masternode Coins?

The first thing you should check is the rank of that coin as per the market cap. For example, the DASH coin has a market cap of more than $956,541,852. Another thing you should check for is price fluctuations.

If you go to mine new coins then you might get scammed unless it is run by an open and trusted team.

Best Coin Mining Pools

Here is the list of mining pools that you can use to mine coins ViaBTC, Luxor, ProHashing, Binance Pool, K1Pool,

10 Best Masternodes Coins

There are more than 100 active Masternode coins but only half of them are highly active and from that, we picked the top 10 best coins.

Gather (GTH) – Best Masternode Coin

Gather coin was launched in 2020. It is a bit new in the sense of publicity hence you might never hear about them before. But in recent times more and more publishers started using it.

Gather helps publishers to monetize end-users processing power and rewards publishers in Gather Network token.

The website itself doesn’t share much information related master node. But their masternode page says the current ROI is 50% and there are already 98 Nodes running. More than 969K USD worth of GTH is staked.

Why you should join Gather? Gather looks promising and new hence you can easily get in and the price of the GTH coin may increase up to $0.3 to $0.5 per GTH current price per GTH is $0.03.

Gather Masternode is profitable in the long term.


Pivx is one of the oldest masternode coins launched in 2016. The current market cap is around $18,301,282. The reason you should mine this coin is the rate of the coin, an all-time high was in 2018 when per coin reached around $12.

The recent high price was in 2021 at that time price was $2. Hence it is worth hosting masternode to gain income increased in the future.

The requirement to run masternode is to have 2GB RAM 30 GB free storage space and a single-core processor. The size of the PIVX blockchain is 18GB only.

Here is the tutorial posted by the official team on how to run the PIVX master node.

Masternode Cost: 10,000 PIVX = 26754 USD

ROI: 8.3%


The price of PIVX may get down but Energi’s price seems not much fluctuate in comparison to others. The coin was launched in 2018 and it became more popular in 2019-20 because of its huge marketing.

NRG coin is getting traded on the trusted exchange Kucoin. With a market cap of $45,298,545 at the price of $0.89.

The cost to run masternode is not available, if you know how much it costs to run a master node for Energi then let us know through the comment box.

ROI: 15.23%

DASH – Most Profitable Crypto Nodes

DASH coin is the first Masternode coin and it is the only masternode coin that is on top of other master node coins since its launch.

The market cap of DASH is $989,080,918 and the price is $93.29. It was launched in 2014 and its all-time high was around $1500 in 2017.

But running a node for this coin is a bit tough as it requires you to have around 1000 DASH coins which are equal to around 93290 USD.

Masternode Cost: 1000 Dash Coins

ROI: 5.97%

Firo Masternode (Previously Zcoin)

Firo was previously known as Zcoin. The coin was launched in 2016 by the founders of the Zcoin protocol. The current market cap is $43,362,196 at the price of $3.35.

Firo coin is currently trading on exchanges like Binance, Gate.io, and Digifinex. More than 4000 master nodes running. One of the best crypto nodes to run.

Masternode Cost: 1000 FIRO = $3349.63

ROI: 10.68%


I can say for now Syscoin is not the most profitable masternodes because the price of the coin is not much fluctuating and it seems the price is already near ATH.

The coin itself is very promising but those invested in the early days or in 2020’s deep are in profit and not those who just joined.

Syscoin has run over 2400 master nodes worldwide its supporters.

Masternode Cost: 100000 SYS= $60045

ROI: 7.37%


Stratis has a huge market cap of $132,362,641 with a price per token of $0.985. The benefit of running the masternode of Stratis is that Masternode is responsible for projects voting to propose to the SDA and whitelisting new contracts.

Check out the list of 5 Best STRATIS Wallets and also visit here to check out the list of Best Stratis Paper Wallets.

50% of block rewards are distributed to active master nodes and operators can stake these STRAXs to earn extra money for securing the STRAX mainchain. Stax is one of the most profitable masternodes.

Masternode Cost: 100,000 Stratis Coin = $98624 plus 500 STRAX for Fee

ROI: 17.09%


Without a doubt Flux was one of the most profitable Masternodes do you know why? The coin was launched in 2018 and from then to 2021 price of FLUX was stable. But suddenly a money coin went around 150% up.

849 masternodes are running, you need to have 25,000 FLUX coins to run a master node. The current cost of running a master node for FLUX coin is around 36160.75 USD.

Flux Node ROI is 11.59%.

Enecuum (seems not active)

Enecuum is one of those coins which can be mined using mobile phones. The coin was launched in 2019 with a current market cap of $6,850,140. Traded on a top exchange like Kucoin which makes them more trusted.

They have also partnered with other crypto projects like Ankr, Rubic, and HAPI. Running the master node of the Enecuum coin is very simple, you have to just follow the given steps.

  1. Download the official app or access the web wallet using https://wallet.enecuum.com
  2. Setup your wallet
  3. Keep your private keys safe
  4. Deposit at least 25 ENQ coins or any other amount you want, the minimum is 25 ENQ
  5. Now it’s started you are good to go

More than 1400 Nodes are running all over the world.

Masternode Cost: Minimum 25 ENQ = 0.86 USD

ROI: 9.12%

How To Make Money With Masternodes

If you like to hold coins and want to invest in Masternodes then you should just do that as masternode coins are rocking. Not all coins are available for staking hence nodes are the best way to earn rewards without losing your coins.

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