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Stratis Paper Wallet: How To Create STRAX Paper Wallet

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Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by cryptocreed

If you are holding a big amount of Stratis then you should use paper wallets or hardware wallets. Because these are the safest wallets to store any cryptocurrency.

If you are doing daily trades or transactions then you should go with hot wallets like desktop wallets.

You can find article on the best Stratis wallet here on cryptocreed. Stratis is a good investment opportunity for those who are looking for long-term investment.

Best Stratis Paper Wallet

As of now, there is only one STRAX paper wallet that you can use but I am not sure if it is safe or not. So try it by yourself or you can go with the core wallet and export keys from there.

But today we are going to check the available ones.


WalletGenerator is one of the oldest cryptocurrency paper wallets. You can create paper wallets for almost any cryptocurrency they have listed more than 150 cryptocurrencies paper wallets including Stratis.

After going to the website you just need to move the cursor around the screen and after completing the cursor activity you can see that your wallet is created.

Also if you do not want to move the cursor then you can simply click on the “Skip” button under the progress bar. You can simply print your wallet or download it in pdf format.

Note: There is a problem with the WalletGenerator’s paper wallet. The address it is generating is the old version of Stratis. Stratis was updated to Strax on 11/2020.

How To Create STRAX Paper Wallet

The Stratis paper wallet which is available is the only one on market and it is based on BitAddress’s source code. It means it is a classic paper wallet that works like other paper wallets works.

If you have used LitecoinPaperWallet or any BitcoinPaperWallet then you may know how it works. Here you just need to move cursors and your wallet is created.

The safest way to use this wallet is to download the source code and run it offline. Yes, it works offline as well.

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