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DOP Airdrop: How To Become Eligible For DOP Token Airdrop

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by cryptocreed

DOP is currently a highly active new project that is attracting users and airdrop hunters as well. There are already thousands of users who are using the DOP protocol to become eligible for airdrop.

If you have already missed Arbitrum or any other big airdrops then you should not miss this one. I am expecting to get at least 100 USD for free and it can go up to any amount depending on activities you complete.

DOP is also known as Data Ownership Protocol. DOP is a project that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to allow flexible transparency on top of Ethereum L1. Where DApps & users can store assets and transact data that are controlled by users.

DOP has partnered with Hacken, Chainalysis, and zkMe.

In this article, you are going to find out how to join DOP token airdrops and what are potential ways to join the airdrop family.

Sepolia ETH Faucet Testnet

Following are the faucets that you can use to claim some free Sepolia ETH coins.


  • https://faucet.quicknode.com/drip
  • https://sepolia-faucet.pk910.de/
  • https://access.rockx.com/faucet-sepolia
  • https://bwarelabs.com/ faucets/ethereum-sepolia

Methods To Join DOP Token Airdrop

I found two different methods that can lead potential airdrop to your wallet.

  1. Join testnet
  2. Complete Quest on Galxe

Now let’s check out in detail how you can join the airdrop.

Join Testnet

The testnet is available on the Sepolia network, you can get Sepolia Ethereum on different faucets, DOP also sends some free Sepolia Testnet Ethereum to your wallet to try out the platform.

  • Visit DOP Testnet page.
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Follow on X
  • Claim free Sepolia ETH
  • Claim Testnet DOP tokens
  • Now you can claim free testnet USDC, USDT, SHIB, and LINK tokens.
  • Encrypt your token. (If you are interested in knowing what they do then you should check this & next steps. This is their feature.)
  • Send Assetsto encryption
  • Now Decrypt your assets you will get your tokens back in your wallet.
  • The last step is to invite your friends (you can join using our Ref Link).

Complete Galxe Quest

DOP has launched 3 different weeks of campaigns in which total you can earn 400 points. It will only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete this task.

  • In the first week campaign, you have to follow on Twitter and visit some links.
  • In a second-week campaign, you have to visit some links and answer DOP Galxe questions.
  • Third week, you have to answer questions and visit links.

Week Two DOP Galxe Quiz Answers

Question 1: What is the main issue addressed by DOP?

Answer: Over-transparency

Question 2: Why do individuals in Web3 want to encrypt their assets?

Answer: To protect sensitive financial information

Question 3: What is NOT a reason for individuals wanting to showcase their assets?

Answer: Wanting to receive targeted crypto ads

Question 4: What is the transparency vs privacy dilemma?

Answer: Users disagree on the extent of transparency and privacy

Question 5: What does selective transparency mean?

Answer: Deciding which data to encrypt and share

Question 6: What is the primary benefit of DOP for individual users?

Answer: Full data ownership

Question 7: What does DOP enable users to do with their financial data?

Answer: Choose what to display and to whom

Question 8: Currently, which blockchain does DOP work with?

Answer: Ethereum

Question 9: What date did DOP reach 100K X followers?

Answer: 17th December 2023

Question 10: In what country did DOP host a December Christmas? DOP Galxe Answer

Answer: Philippines

Week Third DOP Galxe Quiz Answers

Question 1: What is the main challenge that larger and established businesses face when considering the use of cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day financial operations?

Answer: B

Question 2: Why might businesses want to accept payments in crypto?

Answer: A

Question 3: Why do businesses want to encrypt their assets when using crypto?

Answer: B

Question 4: What is DOP’s main purpose?

Answer: A

Question 5: What does ‘selective transparency’ mean?

Answer: D

Question 6: How does DOP benefit business users operating in crypto?

Answer: C

Question 7: What does DOP allow users to choose regarding their data?

Answer: B

Question 8: Why do businesses use DOP?

Answer: C

Question 9: What are the on-chain benefits of DOP or business?

Answer: D

Question 10: What does DOP work with currently, and what is its future integration plan?

Answer: B

Question 11: What does DOP advocate for regarding data stewardship?

Answer: B

Question 12: Why is proving the legitimacy of funds important for businesses using crypto in Web3?

Answer: C

Question 13: How does DOP address the challenge of proving the legitimacy of funds while maintaining privacy?

Answer: C

Question 14: How many official X (Twitter) community accounts does DOP own? (incl. the main account)

Answer: C

Question 15: How many users did DOP celebrate recently that completed the testnet?

Answer: A

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