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Livecoin Hacked: Russian Exchange Under Attack Since Months!

by cryptocreed
livecoin hack

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by cryptocreed

Update: New message is showing, “Oops! Time is over Livecoin…”.

Update: It seems the whole Livecoin website is under hackers’ control, the website is displaying a message, “Good try Livecoin. But no… You have 2 days left… 3QKorNZTQG2kJMk5Lqoj9ecgSMiYXvRz2n”

Some rumors say that Livecoin is a scam itself and this scam might be done by Livecoin itself.

Update: Half of the website frontend is working with a warning message.

One of the known Russian crypto exchanges got hacked and it is said that they were under attack for the last few months. Not only the website but also their social media and other news channel were also compromised by hackers.

The exchange was playing weirdly since yesterday. The bitcoin price touched $210,000 and other altcoins were up by more than 200%.

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Interestingly the daily trading volume went up to $800+ million, which usually hovers around $50 million.

Livecoin said,

At the moment, we partially control the frontend, and so we’re able to place this announcement. We’re fighting hard to get back our servers, nodes, and funds, we’re working 24/7.

We work in contact with law enforcement agencies in the place of our jurisdiction. We are working on a solution to this situation.

livecoin hack

Also, the deposit option was enabled for all coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum but almost 95% of coins withdrawal option was not enabled.

Withdrawal options were not active for coins like BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, DOGE, and many more.

The official website’s frontend is in Livecoin’s control but the backend is still handled by hackers, hence APIs might working at the moment. The platforms which are using Livecoin API should stop using them.

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