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Best Tether (USDT) Wallets in 2020

Last Updated on September 6, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Note: Before start using any tether wallet, make sure your PC, Mobile or Browser is virus-free and make sure you are visiting legit websites, there are many phishing sites so keep checking URL of sites before login into your wallet and also read our safety tips post.


Tether is the stable coin 1 USD = 1 USDT, it was said that Tether is 100% by fiat but a recent statement of Tether attorney confirms Tether is not 100% backed by fiat.

Back in 2017, Tether’s official wallet was hacked and more than 31 Million US Dollar worth of USDT was stolen.


The following are the few best Tether wallets. Unlikely Bitcoin there are not many Tether wallets are in the market only a few of them are in the market and out of them only a few of them are trusted which we mentioned here.

1.) Coinomi (4.6 ratings with 6M downloads)

Coinomi is one of the most downloaded Android crypto wallets with 5M plus google play store downloads. It supports more than 10 stable coins including Tether. It has both a mobile and a desktop wallet. The Coinomi Private Keys are locally stored in your device. You will be provided with backup Passphrase, keep that safe. Coinomi currently supports more than 1500 Coins and Tokens.

2.) Freewallet (3.8 ratings with 1.5M downloads)

The wallet supports more than 100 coins. This wallet is active since 2016 and now they have more than 1M users on Android devices with 3.8 ratings. Freewallet provides the following security; 2FA, Fingerprint login, PIN code lock, Email verification on each transaction, Limit on the weekly & daily transaction. It has HQ in HongKong. Freewallet is available in 13 major languages.

3.) Tether.io (Official Wallet)

Tether has its own wallet. This the web wallet only. They don’t have an app for now. Click here to gin up, Enter name, email, password, and resident. For better security this wallet provides 2FA security, you must have to enable 2FA to use the wallet. This wallet allows users to convert USDT to USD, for doing so users require to complete KYC. Cryptocompare published an article on how to use the Tether wallet.


Conclusion: These are some best and trusted Tether wallets or USDT wallet. There are many wallets but above are only and best wallets if you know any other wallet then suggest to us in the comment box below.

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