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PXBitcoin Transaction Builder: Fake BTC Transaction Generator

by cryptocreed
PXBitcoin Transaction Builder

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by cryptocreed

Just before the start, would like to tell you that this article is for educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to scam someone or even try this on someone.

In this article, I will guide you on what is PXBitcoin transaction builder and what are Fake BTC transaction generator is.

Well either you are new or using crypto for a few years but didn’t know about these things then I am pretty sure you would love to know these new features which scammers are using to scam people.

What Is PXBitcoin Transaction Builder

PXBitcoin transaction builder software generates fake and slow Bitcoin transactions that stay on the Bitcoin network for up to 48 hours (it can be more) but later disappear.

If you check that transaction on on-chain then you will find them unconfirmed which never gets confirmed. Using them can be harmful to you and others too.

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PXBitcoin Transaction Builder Download Link

Currently, there is no trusted source from where you can download such builder software but you can contact developers who can build such software.

PXBitcoin transaction builder APK was available it is not secure as it is from an unknown source.

There are some other links roaming freely on the internet in the name of transaction builder but they might be fake or made to scam you.

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I Can Create Fake BTC Transaction?

Yes, anyone can create a fake BTC transaction using a fake btc transaction generator which is also known as PXbitcoin builder. There are some fake bitcoin transaction generator apk you can find on the internet to use.

How I Can Show Fake Bitcoin Wallet Balance

There are some apps available on Google Play Store which you can use to prank someone and show yourself as a Bitcoin millionaire. Just visit the play store and search for Fake Bitcoin Wallet Balance.

This Softwares Are Safe?

The main question is whether these software’s are safe or not. If it is made by you then it is safe for you but if you are trying to use the software provided by the third party then you have to be cautious as it can be harmful.

Second, if you have this software then you might try to scam someone which is a really bad idea and I never suggest to do such activities.

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