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LetsEarn Review: An Only Sustainable Auto Compounding Protocol

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by cryptocreed

The demand for low cap tokens is increased significantly and nowadays investors are investing more in low cap projects, LetsEarn is one of those projects as suggested by Moonstation VC.

In recent times projects like LetsEarn are in more demand and more people are following them, you can take the example of Safuu which was a tremendous success.

In this article, we are going to review the LetsEarn project, by sharing project details with you. It is worth joining the LetsEarn journey or you should avoid them? Let’s get started with some basic questions.

What Is LetsEarn?

LetsEarn or Let’s Earn is one of the first projects of its kind in the crypto world, it is the first sustainable platform that offers sustainable auto compounding and staking protocol on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The structure of the project allows crypto holders, definitely, LETSEARN hold will have a chance to earn a high return on their holdings.

The highest APY that you can earn is unexpected, you will not believe but you can earn 109,619.88% on your holding. Their protocol allows you to make automatic staking and compounding and make some money.

The lower gas fees are loved by users and it also assures to have rebases paid out at lower volumes. As the website claims their rebase is higher in comparison to other similar protocols. Both users want to earn as short-term investors and long-term as well.

How To Buy LetsEarn Token?

Now you got to know what is LetsEarn and its benefits then you might be interested in buying some tokens.

There are three ways to buy tokens, Whitelisted Pre Sale, Public Sale, and Pancakeswap.

To buy in pre-sale you have to join their discord channel first and then follow the steps given in their discord channel. Here is the link to their Discord channel, visit here.

Public Sale is another method to buy their token. The public sale is not announced yet but to get updated with upcoming information you need to join their Discord channel.

How To Buy LetsEarn On PanCakeSwap

The token is not listed anywhere for now hence it is not possible to get it now, but the listing will be soon, for more information join their Discord channel.

Follow below steps one they announce trading.

  • Install Metamask to your browser or device. (You can use any other PCS-supported wallet).
  • Change network to Binance Smart Chain (follow this article to add BSC to Metamask)
  • Add BNB to your wallet, without BNB you can’t buy tokens
  • Open PanCakeSwap using the link which is shared in their Discord channel.
  • Set Slippage to 13% and enter the purchase amount.
  • At last click on the Swap button to purchase your LetsEarn tokens.


The token name is Let’s Earn and the ticker is $LETSEARN, it is important to remember the token ticker. The initial supply is 5 million $LETSEARN.

Token allocation is as follows:

  • Seed sale: 2%
  • Private sale: 20%
  • Liquidity: 30%
  • marketing, burn & reserve fund: 16%
  • Platform fee: 2%

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