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Safuu: Highest Sustainable Fixed Auto Staking & Compounding Protocol

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by cryptocreed

Tired of using the platforms where you get low APY on your investment? There is no high-paying auto staking protocol? No high APY generating platform? Safuu is the answer to your questions.

In this article, we are going to know everything about the platform and how you a normal user can get benefited from it. Let’s check them out.

What Is Safuu?

According to the Safuu’s website Safuu is a platform that provides a decentralized financial assets that rewards it’s users with sustainable fixed compound interest model by using their own unique and new SAP protocol.

Also, the website claims that all Safuu token holders will get rewarded every 15 minutes with their automatic compound interest.  It is not mentioned yet how much you should hold to get this benefit but it is sure that you can get reward for free

You might have not seen such offer where you can get high fixed APY.  The fixed APY 382,945.41% paid to SAFUU holders every 15 minutes.

Safuu Platforms Features

The major feature of the platform is high fixed APY but there are some more features which are mentioned below.


The platform has their own native token based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain. the token name is $SAFUU. Which  is paid as interest rebase reward to their users or holders.

If you hold any amount of token in your wallet then you will get 0.02355% of interest every 15 minutes to your wallet directly. Amount will get transfer to you wallet directly every 15 minutes hence you do not have to do anything.


As said above Safuu is the high paying auto staking and auto compounding protocol that offers high fixed APY of 382,945%.  if you are one who holds platforms native token then you will get rewarded every fifteen minutes for to your BSC wallet.

The Fire Pit

The fire pit feature is the feature that will help to increase the price of the token in market. 2.5% of all SAFUU traded will get burnt in the Fire Pit.

The more token will get traded the more get in fire pit. The fire pit will increase the size of fire tokens and reduce the circulating supply from market. That will make protocol stable.

Safuu Treasury

The treasury funds will help new projects on the platform and for the marketing of the platform. The amount of funds are not yet declared but it will get declared later on.

Also anyone making project on Safuu will get financial help from the team.

Safuu insurance Fund (SIF)

The Safuu Insurance Fund is a fund that will be used to make price of token stable and make project run for long term. By maintaining a consistent of 0.02355% of rebase rate paid to the holders.

Safuu Tokenomics

The initial supply is 325,000 and maximum supply of token is 3,250,000,000.

Tokensale will be conducted on two IDO platforms called Pinksale and Unicrypt. 197,280 tokens will be available on Pinksale Pre-Launch and tokens are locked for liquidity are 90,535.

The Soft Cap is 4K BNB and 8K BNB is a hard cap.

90,535 allotted to PanCakeSwap to match 51% liquidity

37,185 used for marketing including bounty, airdrop, and giveaways.

Official Links

Website: Safuu

Document: Click here



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