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How To Install KawPowMiner and Download Kaw PowMiner

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RavenCoin miner knows what is KawPowMiner was before and where it comes from. KawPoweMiner is a result of a fork of Ravencoin which turned Ravencoin into a PoW coin and changed the algorithm from X16Rv2 to KAWPOW.

Make sure you are using the latest Ravencoin wallet.

What Is KawPowMiner?

KawPowMiner is an EthMiner with ProgPow implementation. It is a ProgPow-implemented worker for GPU mining. It helps mine the most active and traded coin, Ravencoin (RVN).

Note: Ethereum is no more PoW and it becomes a PoS coin.

It has features like OpenCL mining, Nvidia CUDA mining, benchmarking against arbitrary epoch, on-GPU DAG generation, Stratum mining proxy, OpenCL devices picking, farm failover, Support for Windows & Linux, ProgPow supported, and more.

What is Kawpowminer fee? There is a 0% fee. Most of the miners do have a fee of around 0.1% but with KawPow Miner you get what you mine.

Data or Statistics Related Kaw Pow Miner

Following are the current statistics and they will get changed as time pass.

  • Hashrate: 2.4423 TH/S
  • Active miner: 49852
  • Paying: 0.4434 BTC/TH/day
  • Hot coin to mine: Ravencoin (RVN)

How To Install KawPowMiner

The first and ever step to start mining any coin you need to download KawPowMiner. Let’s check out how to install KawPow Miner step by step.

You can download miner for Linux, macOS, and Windows. The latest version is 1.2.4, this update is from the latest release.

Visit their GitHub page to download the latest version of a miner. You can find the latest Kawpowminer download link on their GitHub page only.

After downloading the zip file, unzip it.

Make a new TXT file and put that in the folder where the kawpowminer.exe file is located.

Paste the following line in the newly created TXT file.

kawpowminer.exe -P stratum+tcp://<wallet>[email protected]:4505

Next, save the file with the new name “start_mining.bat”.

You can find all the required command lines on their GitHub page and with a proper guide on how to use these command lines.

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