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Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet: How To Create BCH Paper Wallet Generator

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on September 25, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for a Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet? If you are a newbie and went on Google to search for a BCH paper wallet then you may end up finding many paper wallets.

But which are the best and safest to use? Here we will check out the list of all available paper wallets that can be used to create a paper wallet for Bitcoin Cash.

Paper wallets are safer than any hot wallet or if you can afford then go with hardware wallets. They are equal to or safer than paper wallets.

Best Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet Generator

To create a Bitcoin cash paper wallet you can simply use any of the following wallets either online or offline. Use as you like to use.


CashAddress.org is one of the simplest wallets that you can use to create a Bitcoin Cash address online. To create a wallet here, just visit the website from here https://cashaddress.org/ and move your cursor on the screen. move till it reaches 100%

It takes 5 to 15 seconds to generate addresses. You can print out your wallet or can save it by using the Print button. To access your wallet you can use your private key in the wallet details tab.

This wallet is officially mentioned on the official Bitcoin Cash wallet.


If you have read other paper wallet-related articles on cryptocreed then you may have already known about this wallet. WalletGenerator is one of the well-known paper wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies.

Here you can generate a Bitcoin cash paper wallet by visiting https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=BitcoinCash.

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Yes, bitcoin.com allows you to create a Bitcoin cash paper wallet. The website is bitcoin.com but they only support bitcoin cash as of now. because they support Bitcoin Cash more than Bitcoin. It’s an individual’s choice.

To create a BCH paper wallet visit here https://paperwallet.bitcoin.com/cashwallet.html and move your cursor till the percentage reaches 100%.

I like them because they are trusted and they have different designs. You can find 5 different paper wallet designs to print.

How To Get Your Bitcoin Cash Coin From Paper Wallet?

Want to know how to get Bitcoin cash from a paper wallet? By creating a paper wallet you get a public key and a private key. The public key is where you receive coins and private keys are like the password of your wallet.

Use online wallets like Electron Cash or Coinomi. Use your private key to enter your wallet, just find the Import Wallet option in any online wallet. But do not access your wallet often, I mean do not log in to your wallet daily if you are holding big amounts of cryptocurrencies.


Paper wallets are the safest way to store any cryptocurrency online but only when you use them securely, safely, and properly.  If you have any questions then let me know by using a comment section.

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