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How To Buy Mars Shiba Token Using TrustWallet and Pancakeswap

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Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by cryptocreed

Do you also want to buy a Mars Shiba token with the help of Trust Wallet and want to know how to add it to Trust Wallet, we will tell you in this article how you can buy Mars Shiba token and how to add it to your “TrustWallet”.

What Is Mars Shiba Token

Mars Shiba token is a token that is very popular and trusted because of its features. All of you must have heard the name of Cryptocurrency, it is the only currency that you can use only for online trading and there are many of you who use it, and there are many types of coins in it. One of them is The Mars Shiba Coin. Today I am going to tell you about the Mars Shiba coin with the help of which you can earn a lot of money just by holding MARSSHIBA, you will earn BNB and $ MARSSHIBA  token, the longer you hold it, the more you will earn it, it’s really that easy.

Current Token Statistics

At the time of writing this article, the price of Mars Shiba was $0.000000000011 and all-time of high price was $0.000000000057 and all-time low price was <$0.000000000001 and $3,193,969.57 was the market cap.

Marsshiba token is available on Pancackswap. You can buy and sell Mars Shiba coins on Pancackswap.

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How I Can Buy The Mars Shiba Token

You can buy Mars Shiba token by using the official website or through Trust Wallet directly here we will show you the tutorial with Trust Wallet.

  1. If you have already Trust Wallet Dapp then open the app.
  2. First, we will purchase BNB SmratChain on Trust Wallet
  3. We will click on the buy button and search BNB and click on SmartChain and purchase a minimum of $50 BNB using MoonPay.
  4. After purchasing BNB we will open DApps and open PancakeSwap.
  5. In PancakeSwap we will click on Connect Wallet.
  6. Select the Trust Wallet.
  7. And click on select a currency, here we will enter The MarsShiba token address
  8. To get Token Address visit CoinMarketCap and search for Mars Shiba token.
  9. On CMC’s Mars Shiba token page you can find token contract address, copy and paste in Pancakeswap.
  10. We will click on import and click on the I Understand option and reclick on import again
  11. After that, we will set slippage for effective purchasing, click on the setting icon, and set Slippage and go back.
  12. Enter the number of tokens and click on the swap.
  13. After entering the token number we will click on confirm Swap.

How To Add The Mars Shiba Token To Trust Wallet

Go to your wallet and make sure you are safe while using your wallet.

Then go to the tokens section or coin section of your wallet, and click on the Plus sign or icon to add a new token.

Here enter contract addrees 0xe41A093549BeEe36b76728D456894093396D1120, Name, Symbol and Decimal.

Name: The Mars Shiba Tokan


Decimal: 9

Boom you have got your Mars Shiba Token on your wallet.

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