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Binance Referral Commission Reward: Earn 100% Refback Free

by cryptocreed
Binance Referral Commission Reward

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by cryptocreed

Using Binance exchange for daily trade or just going to register on Binance? Then read this article before using Binance. We have an offer for you, it is a Binance Referral Reward.

We are going to share something beneficial for both you and us.

You know that exchanges have referral rewards which means if you refer someone on any exchange and he trades then you get some percentage of their trading fee.

Binance also does the same, Binance shares a 20% referral commission. It means if you referred someone and he generated $100 in trading fees then you will earn $20 as a commission.

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So what is this offer is about? If you register without using our referral link then you will lose this 20%. But if you register using our link then you will get this 20%.

Suppose you created an account on Binance and traded some coins, and it takes $1000 in trading fee (definitely fee depends on the size of your trading volume) here 20% of 1000 is $200, if you have registered with us then you will get $200 back else it will go to Binance.

How to join this 100% refback program? You just need to register using our Link and do what you usually do. You can also fill out this form to get in touch with us so we can share any extra reward with you.

Binance has an automatic ref commission sharing feature that allows you to receive refback automatically. If you used to trade then you will get your commission back within a day.

Here is our Binance Referral Code IP69I82D.

What Is Binance Referral Program?

Like any other cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has also a referral program where users can refer anyone and earn % of their referred person fees.

If you have referred someone who and he used to trade then you will earn a commission from his trading fee.

Binance offers a 20% referral commission on every trading fee. The Binance Referral program is quite popular and beneficial for both users as it offers refback as well.

Binance Referral Commission

Binance referral commission is fixed at 20% on every trading fee. It means if someone generated 1000 USD in trading fee and he is under you then you will get 200 USD.

Which you can share with him through Binance’s automatic sharing feature.

Binance Referral Code

Here is our Binance referral code IP69I82D. Use this code while registering on this link to sign up. You don’t need to enter any code if you use the link directly.

I Can Add the Binance Referral Code After Registration or not? No, you can’t. But yes you can create a new account using our referral code. But do not use two accounts at the same time. We are offering a Binance referral code free money.

Binance US Referral Code

We do not have a referral code for BinanceUS. If you are a resident of the USA then you need to create an account on the Binance US platform.

You may find the Binance.US referral code on the internet easily. If you got one then do not forget to share it in the comment box.

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