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How To Buy INU Coin – Purchase ANON INU Coin Using Binance & TrustWallet

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by cryptocreed

Want to buy an ANON INU token on Trustwallet? Using your Binance and Trustwallet account? You are at the right place. In this article, I will share step by step tutorial on how to buy Binamon tokens.

Anon or INU token is trading on Pancakeswap and Dodo exchange only. You will find more volume on Pancakeswap in comparison to Dodo.

There are many similar name tokens trading on different exchanges including PCS so make sure you are dealing with the correct one, do check the contract address through their official website.

Update: The current rate of the INU token is not stated as the blunder already happened, the website is gone and no activity on their profiles.

As per the current scenario, there are more than 16K holders, and 92,754 transactions have taken place.

Let’s check out the step-by-step tutorial.

How To Buy ANON INU Coin

Follow step by step to purchase your first ANON INU token without any hassle.

1. Get and copy the contract address from the BSC scan page

2. Download the trust wallet app from Playstore or from the trustwallet.com website for your preferred device

3. Sign-up to it and access pancakeswap

4. Buy bnb on Binance and transfer to your smart chain bnb on trust wallet.

5. Now go to Pancakeswap again and go to the swap page.

6. Select ANON INU token and trust wallet for purchase.

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7. Connect trust wallet and click on the Swap button

8. After clicking on the Swap button you will see a verification page where you have to confirm that.

9. Now you can refresh your TrustWallet to check your ANON INU balance.

Important updates:

ANON INU seems down and there is no activity on their social media and exchange as well. The website is down for the last few days, Telegram group is gone and not working.

BSC Contract address: 0x9425315fea3412fd4a0afbfb69b99d8312dc749a

The Anon inu token website: https://anoninu.com/

This article is published to guide users on how to buy INU coin.

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