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Gym Rewards- Get Paid for Doing Exercising

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 GymReward- Get Paid for Doing Exercising  

Today’s fast pace society finds it hard to find time and motivation to exercise. If life, its rushed pace, and other stresses have made it difficult for you to feel like rejoicing and motivated, then perhaps now it’s a good time to refocus on what matters most. And, what is more, important than our health?  With GYM Rewards getting healthier while making money is possible.


Exercise doesn’t just strengthen your muscles; it also strengthens your heart and bones, lowers your blood pressure, and of course, and reduces your body fat. Exercising and becoming healthy while being compensated for taking care of ourselves every day, that is GYM Rewards; it consists of an entire solution to support getting paid for exercising.

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Just download the app, take your sports outfit, and you are ready to mine GYM cryptocurrency. The GYM Rewards ICO Token is an Ethereum ERC20 token created by leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain and is the first cryptocurrency token that will only be minable by our bodies through a Proof of Exercise component within the Token and the Mobile App. So the more you exercise at the GYM, the more GYM tokens you will earn, and these Tokens are redeemable at your local participating gyms and will be tradable at participating cryptocurrency exchanges. But how does it work?


Proof of Exercise refers to a rewards system that detects each user through geolocation coordinates and monitoring their heartbeats with the GYM mobile app. It then proceeds to give block rewards once the time of required work has been met.


Big mining farms have taught us that the one who has the most money can make the most money, just like in most our corporate societies. Here is where GYM Rewards comes in. We are all equal; the only thing that will differentiate who owns more currency will be measured by the sweat of our exercises. The GYM Token ICO counts with a hard cap of 15000ETH for its entering the market. And an exchange prize from 0,0001 ETH each GYM Token.


The Company will use reasonable endeavors to seek approval for the availability of the GYM tokens for trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Even if permission is given by an exchange, there are no guarantees regarding the liquidity of the GYM tokens. Neither that nor the sustainability of the asset after it’s been made available.


As such, users needn’t wait for an exchange to support the token; and they also run no risk from owning a dead token. All thanks to the blockchain supporting PoW and the creation of the GYN Rewards Exchange, to allow for guaranteed liquidity.

GYM rewards token  specification and ICO details:

Token name:  GYM reward

Token ticker: GYM

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  1,000,000,000 GYM tokens

ICO start date: March 2018

ICO end date:  N/A

ICO Rate of token:  0.0001 ETH per token

Minimum purchase in ICO: 0.01 ETH

Token distribution details:

Token supply for ICO: 10%

GYM APP Mining: 73%

Long-term reserve: 5%

Core team: 5%

Airdrop and Bounties: 4%

Advisors and partnership: 3%

The GYM rewards team

Contact Details: 








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