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OneMillionPixels is one of the world’s first games on blockchain technology – a similar leap forward that makes things like Bitcoin & Ethereum possible. Bitcoin & ether are cryptocurrencies, and so do OneMillionPixels. You can purchase or sell your OneMillionPixels to make unique pixel art and attach your connection to it. OneMillionPixels dependably has etheriancia liquidity. It implies that you can simply sell your OneMillionPixels.

OneMillionPixels is a new experimental crypto-game and has effectively taken the fifth position on DappRadar. More than 2million tokens have been sold worldwide. OneMillionPixels stand for OMPx, a web-based game for entertainment and winning on the growth of tokens. It is a computerized canvas of 1000 X 1000 pixels enabling clients to attract and to attach links to such illustrations (to a blog or a site, for example). We have seen any semblance of this idea on One Million Dollars Page or Reddit. Be that at it may, what separates this project from others is its financial aspects. As a matter of first importance, a user can sell his/her tokens back to the smart-contract. What’s more, al the gains from the release of the tokens is aggregated in the smart contract, rather than setting off to the group. That is the manner by which the token grows. The price additionally increases, significantly more, when the tokens are spent to draw.

OneMillionPixels Rules

  • You spend an Ompx token to put a pixel on the canvas; tokens are conveyed by the smart contract and Ompx cost is supported by the measure of Ethers on the smart contract’s wallet {it’s called “the Bank” in the game}
  • You can sell your token to the smart-contract {the bank}
  • Each time you purchase Ompx – all ETH goes to the Bank & the Ompx price increase & you can sell it more costly at that point.
  • Each time you sell the token – Ompx value fall


  • There are no delicate/hardtops. Token supply discharge is unlimited.
  • The price of the token is determined by the smart-contract – 1 OMPx = Bank/Tokens
  • Each time you purchase tokens; smart-contract produces the fundamental amount
  • All ETH goes to the bank, excepts a 9% service fee
  • Each time you spend a token to draw a pixel, the token is signed, the aggregate token supply diminishes, and the price diminish
  • Every you sell a token, token backpedals to the smart-contract & available to be purchased, the price of tokens diminish
  • When you purchase a token, you generally pay from x1.2 – x2 of the current price {everything goes to the Bank}, contingent upon the measure of tokens you get. In this way, you buy a token & add to the bank a bit, so the token price also grows
  • You can simply sell your token to the smart-contract at the current price

OMPx isn’t cryptocurrency, it’s a token with a right to draw a pixel or get ether. As directed by the smart contract, any OneMillionPixels you own belongs to you.

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