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5 Best Tezos Wallets That You Can Use To Store XTZ Coin

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on April 21, 2021 by cryptocreed

Tezos is one of the trusted coins that investors love to trade. It was founded by Arthur Breitman in the year 2014 but it created its token landing in later years.

If you are looking for a wallet to store your XTZ coin then you are at the right place. Today I am going to share the list of trusted and best Tezos wallets.

In this article, you will find wallets for all types of users. Either you are an investor, trader, or simply just storing coins you must check out the following wallets with their features and security.

Tezos (XTZ ) Coin Details

The current rate of the XTZ coin is $7.50 with a total market cap of $5,808,672,233. All Time Low on Dec 07, 2018, was $0.3146 and the current price is an all-time high rate.

It is ranking on 29 spots on coinmarketcap.

Where I Can Buy Tezos?

You can purchase Tezos coin from exchanges like Binance, BitMax, Gate.io, OKEx, and HitBTC. Moreover, it is trading on more than 100 exchanges. You can check the list of exchanges that enables XTZ coin trade.

5 Best Tezos Wallet For XTZ Coin

We all know that there are different types of wallets that users use according to their needs. Here I am going to divide the best Tezos wallets according to their device compatibility.

Exodus – Best Desktop XTZ Wallet

Exodus wallet is used by more than 4 million crypto users from all over the world. By using this wallet you can stake, receive, send, and exchange your XTZ coin within an app.

It supports more than 100 blockchains including, ERC, NEO, BTC, and many more. Customer support is available 24/7 and they have really great support team.

Exodus wallet is available for mobile devices too but their desktop version is more suitable as there is a better alternative available for mobile devices.

Click here to visit Exodus Tezos desktop wallet.

Kukai – Best XTZ Web Wallet

Kukai Tezos Wallet is an open-source wallet that is active since 2018. They are very simple to use. You can create a wallet address, import wallet, connect your ledger wallet, and one-click login with the DirectAuth feature.

You just need to click on create wallet and you will get your seed phrase. by using this wallet you can simply send and receive Tezos coin only.

And yes you will get your private keys so you are the only one who is eligible to view their balance and use them. You can access Tezos wallet from anywhere.

Ledger – Best Hardware Wallet

Ledger Wallet is one of the secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are mostly used by those users who store coins in a large number of amounts, like investors and holders.

And the users must keep their pass with them in case they lose it they will lose their money too. I suggest testing their hardware wallets twice or thrice before putting in their whole money.

Trezor – XTZ Hardware Wallet

Trezor is just another hardware wallet that you can use to store your XTZ coin. You can access your money any time from anywhere if you have your hardware wallets and their pass with you.

it is very simple and easy to use and its design is also very cool. You can store more than 1000 different coins and tokens in one place.

Atomic Wallet – Web Wallet

Atomic wallet is one of the highest-rated cryptocurrency wallets that supports more than 300 assets. It has more than 1 million active users.

It also allows its users to earn cryptocurrency from crypto staking rewards. You can earn up to 18% from their staking service.  And if you want to stake Tezos then you will get the expected 7% ROI.

Their wallets are available for downloads for different devices like Windows, Android, iOS, and others.

Click here to visit Atomic Crypto Wallet.

Other Tezos Wallet

If you think the above wallets are not made for you then you can use the following wallets. They are trusted and very known.

CoinBaseWeb and Mobile wallet

Guarda – Mobile & Windows

TrustWallet – Mobile

AirGap – Mobile

Inactive Wallets

These are the wallets that you should not use and avoid opening their website too. Make sure you are not sharing any info with them. You must know their name from a safe point of view.

TezosBlue: Tezos Blue wallet is not active since 2020 and it is not safe to visit their website.

TezosBox: Tezos Box is not active and they revamped their service.

Wetez: Not updated since 2019 and has a bad rating, one of the worst Tezos wallets as per review.

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