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Know Everything About Fake Bitcoin Wallet Balance

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on January 31, 2021 by cryptocreed

Since Bitcoin price is rising and people accepting cryptocurrency more & more the bitcoin scam is also growing fast. There are already many cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, the platform got hacked by a hacker.

There are some simple hacks to which can be used to prank your friends.

In this post, I will tell you interesting things about the fake bitcoin wallet balance hack.

Remember if someone is claiming that he can provide you such a script or software then stay away from them, these things can create huge problems for you. Just be simple and enjoy prank hacks do not fall in love with real hacks.

Fake Bitcoin Wallet Balance APP

There is an app on Playstore which is fully made for fun. You can use this app to show your friends or known ones that you have millions of dollars in BTC.

The BTC you will get will be fake and you can just use it to show someone but not for real use. Just download the app from the google play store and select the numbers of coins you want to have in your wallet.

You can also remove the numbers of coins from your wallet, just choose the numbers of coins you don’t want to have in your wallet.

There is some other fake bitcoin wallet app too but those are very outdated.

Click here to open the app download link.

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Hire APP Developer

If you do not want to purchase these tools or apps directly from sellers (of course it is not the trusted way) then choose the freelancing platform to hire experienced developers.

They will help you to get your own fake bitcoin wallet balance app so you can ensure that you are not falling into any scam.


I never suggest using these tools or software to scam others after all people are doing lots of hard work to earn a small amount of money and you should not take that money in just a second. Just be friendly with others. And keep sharing us.

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