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10 Best and Free Dogecoin Wallets To Store Doge Cryptocurrency

by cryptocreed

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If you are interestingly buying and selling Dogecoin then you must know where to store your Dogecoin safely. Hence I am going to share a list of the best Dogecoin wallets.

There are many different types of wallets that you can use to store your DOGE cryptocurrency.

If you are a newbie then you must read the benefits and cons of each Dogecoin wallet. If you do not then you might lose your cryptocurrencies. You can’t avoid the safety of wallets if you do then you will lose your fund and rarely anyone can retrieve any cryptocurrency, even dogecoin.

If you don’t know what is Dogecoin then you must read, what is Dogecoin cryptocurrency, the article, here I shared the basics of Dogecoin currency that every newbie must know.

What Is Dogecoin Wallet

Dogecoin wallets are wallets that can be used to store your Dogecoin only. You can’t store any other cryptocurrency in your dogecoin wallet unless it supports it.

To send, receive, or exchange DOGE coins you need to have a wallet, right? These wallets are Dogecoin wallet which helps you to store your Dogecoin safely and securely.

There are many fake wallets too hence you must know what you are dealing with. Any bad decision can ruin your life. Choosing the best Dogecoin wallet can be a tough decision for beginners.

Each cryptocurrency wallet mainly includes two different keys, Private Key and Public Key. Public Key is the address which you can use to receive Dogecoin it is like a Bank Account number. A private key is your wallet’s password. If you lose your private key then you can’t access your wallet, it is like a Pin of an ATM card.

Types of Dogecoin Wallet

There are mainly four types of wallet that are Online, Mobile, Hardware, and Desktop. The way wallets can be used also matters.

Some wallets give you full access to your account and some only allow you to use their platform to store your coin. It means there are wallets that allow you to keep your private key with you which means you are the real owner of your account.

But there are wallets that use their own wallet to store your cryptocurrency so that you don’t need to worry about losing private keys.

Which Type Of Wallet Can Beginners use?

If you are very new to the crypto world and have some money to spend then I suggest using hardware wallets. Since now hardware wallets are considered the safest method to store cryptocurrency.

But if you don’t have money to spend then and have a computer then use Exodus wallet. If you have a mobile device then go with mobile wallets that are mentioned below.

In case you do daily trading then I suggest using the Binance exchange for trading and storing a small amount of coin. They are safe to use for now but in the end, Binance is a Centralized exchange.

10 Best Dogecoin Wallets To Store Your DOGE

There are more than 8 wallets available on Internet but here I am adding only the top 8 Dogecoin wallets only. If you think there is an issue with any wallet then kindly use the comment box to let us know so other uses can know the pros and cons of the wallet.

DogeCoin Info Wallet

Dogecoin.info wallet is a simple online wallet for Dogecoin. If you want to store a small amount of Dogecoin then you can use this wallet.

To create a wallet on Dogecoin.info, visit their website first by clicking here. Then click on Create Wallet, here you have to enter your email & password, click on create wallet then.

Once you register you will be entered into your wallet. Now click on Paper Wallet to download your wallet private key.

You can simply send and receive dogecoin by using this wallet.

To log in to your wallet, you need your wallet ID and password. I am sure you remembered your password but what about wallet ID? Where you can find them?

To get wallet ID simply click on Import/Export button, and then Export unencrypted, it will show some warning remember that and click on “I understand the risks, show me my unencrypted wallet”.

Here you can find your wallet in the second line, next to “guid”: “here_is_your_wallet_ID”. Copy that and save it in a safe place.

Note: You can also use a private key to log in to your wallet.

Dogecoin Core Wallet

Dogecoin Core is the main wallet of DOGE cryptocurrency that comes with all blocks from starting. Core wallets are best for big miners.

This is the official dogecoin wallet and it is also known as a full wallet. So you need to wait till the sync dogecoin wallet gets completed.

You can download the Dogecoin core wallet from the official website.  This wallet is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Dogecoin Lite Wallet

Dogecoin Lite is the lite version of Core wallet. As the website mentioned that it syncs with the blockchain by “skimming” through the blockchain, providing fast sync times.

If want to know how to download and install this wallet to your system then follow this Installation Guide posted by the team.

The website itself gives you the following notification.

It is important to know that MultiDoge is a so-called light wallet. It is meant for your day-to-day transactions. If you are a miner, you should NOT use MultiDoge as your wallet. Receiving big transactions, such as pool or faucet payouts, can clog up a light wallet. This is a known issue with all light wallets and must be considered before usage.

The wallet is available to download for Windows devices, Linux, and macOS devices. Click here to download the Dogecoin lite wallet.

Dogecoin Mobile Wallet

Want to store and send Dogecoin through your mobile device? Then there is an official wallet for you. But this wallet is currently available for Android devices only.

If you are not an Android user then check out the below wallets.

More than 1 million times the app was downloaded on Play Store. It has a rating of 3.3 out of 5 which is not really good. I also do not recommend this wallet.

It is better to use another trusted dogecoin wallet than this one, unfortunately, this is the official dogecoin wallet app.

If you still want to use this wallet then you can visit their download page here.

Jaxx Wallet For Doge

Jaxx is one of the Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallets that also supports Dogecoin. Multi-Cryptocurrency wallets can be used to store different crypto coins in one place.

It was first launched in the year 2014 and supports more than 200 coins including Bitcoin, Neo, Monaco, Wax, Status, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash

Jaxx is available for Linux, Windows, macOS, Chrome extension, Android, and iOS. More than 100K people downloaded the app on Play Store. But the rating is an average of 3.7 out of 5.

Click here to visit the download page of Jaxx Dogecoin Wallet.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet where you can store more than 27 coins and more than 1500 crypto tokens, it includes Dogecoin.

You can easily buy, sell, exchange, stake, lend and manage your cryptocurrencies.

I recommend hardware wallets because they are safe till you don’t lose your private key or seed phrase. This wallet will cost you around $80 to $90.

The weight of wallet hardware is 16.2g the size of the Ledger Nano S is 56.95mm x 17.4mm x 9.1mm.

Hardware wallets are recommended for big miners, traders, and investors.

Trezor Model T

Trezor is also a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet supports more than 1600 cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.

The wallet is also compatible with other desktop-like wallets fr example Trezor Suite, Electrum, Exodus, Electrum-LTC, and Electron Cash. They have also a simple guide on how to create a Dogecoin wallet address with Trezor wallets.

This one is costlier than Ledger. You can get Trezor Model T for $180 USD.

Freewallet Dogecoin Wallet

Freewallet is the company that developed many cryptocurrency wallets. You can find different wallets for different coins. And yes they do have the wallet for Dogecoin too. Already 500K times users downloaded their dogecoin wallet through Play Store.

Click here to access the Dogecoin wallet.

You can store, send, receive, and exchange your dogecoin. You can log in and signup using your mobile number, Google, and Facebook.

The reviews published by users on Google Play Store is seemed very negative in recent times. Hence must check the wallet before transferring a major amount of Doge.

Exodus – Desktop Dogecoin Wallet

Exodus is the desktop and mobile-based crypto wallet that you can use to store Dogecoin. Mobile wallets were downloaded by more than 1 million people on the Play Store with a review of 4.5 out of 5 from 50K users.

Their desktop wallet can be used in different OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also use Trezor T wallet with Exodus wallet.

This is the best free Dogecoin wallet for desktop users.

Coinomi – Mobile Dogecoin Wallet

Coinomi is a multi-chain wallet that was started in 2014 and is currently used by more than millions of users. It supports 130+ blockchains and 1770 tokens.

It was one of those wallets that supports SegWit for BTC and few other cryptocurrencies.

You can use Coinomi wallet on your Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. It offers 168 fiat currency representations, readable in 25 languages

Binance – Crypto Exchange To Store Doge

Binance is the #1 cryptocurrency exchange that supports the trade of Dogecoin. You can directly purchase Dogecoin on Binance and can hold it in their exchange wallet.

They are very much trusted hence it will not create a problem for you in holding coins at Binance.

Other Dogecoin Wallets

There are more than 10 Dogecoin wallets that can be used to store Doge cryptocurrencies. Below are some other wallets that you can use. Do not forget to share your thoughts.

  • Atomic Wallet
  • Edge Wallet
  • Guarda Wallet
  • imToken
  • Kucoin

How To Get A Dogecoin Wallet?

You can get a dogecoin wallet by choosing any one of them. You can select according to your need. If you still facing any issues while choosing any Dogecoin wallet then you can contact me using the contact us page or comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find dogecoin wallet address in Dogecoin wallets?

Each wallet has different views. In each wallet, you will find the dogecoin wallet address by clicking on “your Dogecoin address”.

How to recover a dogecoin wallet?

It is important. If you are using the wallet that allows you to keep seed phrases are actually best. if you have your private key then you can easily recover your Dogecoin wallet.

Best Dogecoin wallet in India?

It doesn’t matter where you are from. You can use any wallet to store your Dogecoin.

How I can check the Dogecoin wallet balance?

You can use blockchain explorer to check your dogecoin wallet balance.

What to do when MultiDoge wallet not syncing?

If you are facing Multidoge connecting problem then you should take a backup of your wallet and start again.

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