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Neo Paper Wallet: How To Create Paper Wallet For Neo Coin

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by cryptocreed

Neo was first founded in 2014 as AntShares and later in June 2017 Antshares rebranded to Neo.

The current rate of Neo coin is $50 with a market cap of $3,544,644,977. It stands in the top 50 coins as per coinmarketcap’s website.

There are many wallets to store Neo coins, some of the wallets are also mentioned by the official Neo website and they all are good in their own way.

But we know, no other wallets can be better in comparison to hardware and paper wallets.

In this article, you will find the list of the best Neo paper wallets and a guide on how to create a Neo paper wallet. So if you like the article then do not forget to share.

Best Neo Paper Wallet

There are not many Neo Paper wallets available but still, I found some of them which are best as of now and trusted. If you know of any other paper wallets apart from those mentioned below then use the comment box to let us know.


Ansy is one of the oldest and is considered a trusted Neo Paper Wallet generator. It is an open-source generator. You can download the code from here and run it on an offline computer.

If you want to create a Neo paper wallet online then visit their site here. Enter a password for more security or you can directly click on the Generate button.

You can find your HEX, WIF, Public Key, and Address.

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Newbie? Don’t know where is your Private key here? WIF is your private key. The public address is already showing on top of the QR Code.

To get your private key you need to scan your WIF QR code which you can do by using an offline QR code scanner.

There are not any other wallets that can help you generate a paper wallet for Neo coin. If there is then I suggest staying away from them or using them offline only. Paper Wallets should be generated offline only.

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