A crypto hardware wallet organization called Tangem has started the pilot sale of its ‘Bitcoin-banknotes’ to Singapore’s market. The aim of Tangem is to make cryptocurrency to make physical-transactions-between buyer & seller just as the regular money. Tangem plan is to create millions-of-Bitcoin-Note by the end of the year.

In Singapore, a nation whose controls are exceptionally strong of cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-Technology, the notes will be accessible for buy at the Suntec City branch of design store chain Megafash.

The announcement said, Tangem is delivering the first shipment of 10,000 production notes to prospective partners and distributors around the world for commercial pilots

The Notes is in denominations of 0.01 & 0.05 BTC ($92 & $463 respectively), are actually banknote-like hardware wallets based on a recently-developed S3D350A chip from Samsung-Semiconductor.

In view on a recently developed S3D350A chip from Samsung Semiconductor, Tangem Note is the first available with its whole gadgets & cryptography confirmed to the Common Criteria EAL6+ & EMVCo security guidelines.

Tangem is the principal hardware storage supplier available that has all its gadgets & cryptography affirmed to the security principles of Common-Criteria EAL6+ and EMVCo. Tangem guarantees that the notes are sufficiently shabby to make to be utilized like real money.

Tangem Notes fundamentally enhance the straightforwardness and security of acquiring, owning, & flowing digital currencies for both refined & approaching clients. Following a five-year term at VISA as Senior Vice President and Head of technology, Vijay Sondhi joins Tangem as Senior Strategic Advisor to take the stage to new markets and statures.

Kudelski Team has finished up an exhaustive audit of the organization’s security design, keep running by Jean-Philippe Aumasson. Tangem has now uncovered the full source code of its enlisted chip firmware with Kudelski for an entire security review.

The wallet producer as of now has its first-shipment of 10,000 notes being conveyed to imminent “partners,” which they will utilize in business pilots.



BCH (BITCOIN CASH) came to fruition when bitcoin was forked with a view to enhancing scalability transaction speeds. concerning the contrasts between the two a standout amongst the most crucial is the piece measure. while bitcoin cash has a piece size of 8mb bitcoins block size is 1mb. by having a greater piece measure bitcoin cash can deal with more transactions furthermore process them at a quicker rate.

The issue with a vast block size is that the information storage room taken up by a full node is more. since a full node is required with a specific end goal to mining on a blockchain it implies that the information stockpiling equipment costs as higher.

Centralization Issue: Rivals of expansive block sizes contend that the outcome is expanded centralization of a coin a reality which conflicts with the first vision of cryptocurrencies. furthermore bigger block implies higher equipment costs these outcomes in the mining procedure being hoarded by enormous mining firms. all these are allegations that have been leveled against bitcoin cash.

Another distinction amongst bitcoin cash is that they utilize diverse mining algorithms. while having algorithms that are anything but difficult to mine enhances the transaction times it includes some significant downfalls. the purpose behind this is the point at which it is anything but difficult to mint new coins then the computerized cash needs to figure with expanding rates of expansion this could thump its price downwards.

Mining Issue: on account of bitcoin cash it was important to have a mining algorithm that was less demanding contrasted with that of bitcoin the purpose behind this was to bait diggers who might work the system. the negative effect of this was excavators would dunk all through the virtual money in view of productivity this caused flighty square creation times. thus a dynamic mining algorithm was acquainted with amending the circumstance.

It was revealed that the subject of which coin is better than the other is one that can be difficult to choose has seen extreme some of the time enthusiastic civil argument on the web somewhere else. At to whats on the horizon for the two adversaries, the truth will surface eventually. we should wait and see what happens next.


Cryptocreed bitcoincash news


BitcoinCash is one of the top cryptocurrency in the world. Recently, the cryptocurrency has been on the rise against other cryptocurrencies. At as August 2017, Bitcoin Cash has increased over 120% in the fourth month of this year. At the point when estimated against the first Bitcoin, the rise has been 66% out of a market where Bitcoin has additionally aroused emphatically against the United States dollar.

One purpose for the current value surge in Bitcoin-Cash could be a current declaration from a mining monster Antpool. The mining pool declared in a tweet on April that they would begin consuming 12% of the exchange charges they get with an end goal to diminish the supply, & consequently support the price, of Bitcoin Cash. Antpool has likewise welcomed different miners to begin consuming 12% of the exchange expenses gathered.

An important inquiry for financial specialists in such manner as the amount of a diminishment in supply 12% of Antpool’s exchange charges truly constitute. A few individuals from the crypto group have basically called it purposeful publicity with respect to Antpool keeping in mind the end goal to falsely boost price while blaming Antpool for acting like a national bank that controls cash supply in the quest for its own self-premium.

Despite that fact, be that as it may, the news has now advanced around the crypto world & it might have prompted no less than a view of expanded shortage in the bitcoin cash market, which is constantly useful at the price.

High Effect

Notwithstanding the declaration from Antpool, the Bitcoin Cash price has likely been profiting from market desires to an up and coming high effect on the system.

The diligent work, which is planned for May 15, will build Bitcoin Cash’s square size from the present 8 megabytes to 32 megabytes, altogether expanding the number of exchanges that the system can deal with. Be that as it may, the biggest normal square on the Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain in a couple of past weeks was just 162 kilobytes. In the analysis, it was right around 900 kilobytes if there should arise an occurrence of the Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Cryptocurrency price tends to ascend in expectation of high effects, which is the thing that we are seeing this time too. At the point when Bitcoin Cash was piped-off of Bitcoin a year ago, Bitcoin prices ascended by a normal of 10% crosswise over trades in the two days paving the way to the event.

Bitcoin cash is still on the watch and all the bitcoin cash holders are on the high side thinking bitcoin cash will soon get to the topmost pick! What that supposed to mean to the entire bitcoin cash holder? Bitcoin cash has a brighter future for all the investors with the current high in the price.


Buy Fuels from Venezuela and get 30% bonus! Offer from Venezuela to India

It was great news in the crypto world. Venezuela agreed on personal terms with India over the crude oil purchases. Venezuela to give 30% discount to India on every crude oil purchase using cryptocurrency. This was based on the story from India business Standard.

This discount originates from crypto-trade coinsecure, which recently revealed to the business standard the personal terms had been documented by some representatives from Venezuela’s blockchain department in India some weeks ago. Hopefully, this same deal will put-forward before the nations across the globe.

The business Standard announced the coinsecure will offer petrol in India after a meeting with the Venezuelan blockchain representatives, implying that all cryptocurrency holders or brokers should start an exchange on their trade. It was later disclosed that there are reactions from a division in India due to this development.

The program which was finally launched in February from a pre-sale deal that came into conclusion in March this year has raised great alarm globally in the world economy. Specifically, with respect to the financial authority imposed on global nations. What next? Will cryptocurrency take-over oil industry in India and across the globe? Kindly seat tight for the concluding part of this news.


Bitcoin Price Prediction’s


Bill Baruch, the crypto-currencies expert, has a remarkable record in predicting the rise and fall of Bitcoin. At as February-2018, when Bitcoin rise up-to $7,200, Bill Baruch certainly figures that bitcoin would definitely come back to $10,000. What’s more, that is precisely what happened. At as March-2018, bitcoin’s price climbs the ladder up to $12,971 & found the middle value of about $10,500.

Looking forward, Bill Baruch is certain that BTC prices will keep on rising now that U.S. Tax Day has ended. In the wake of battling regulation & tax selling, the easiest course of action is higher, and this is very certain that the sector still has significantly more upside over the long haul; this is exactly what Bill Baruch said on CNBC.

Bill Baruch also noticed that interest in the digital-currencies rise has been expansive based, with a few other cryptos also rising in value. This is viewed as a bullish impetus for the whole virtual currency market.
Bill Baruch isn’t the main crypto expert who’s idealistic about the fate of digital-currencies. Tom Lee was the first to estimate a post-Tax Day rally in the United States, as CCN has announced. Selling-pressure for BTC ought to be alleviated after April-15th, Tom Lee anticipated on April-5. Also, that is exactly what has happened. BTC price extremely rises above $9,300 this week, without any indications of easing up.

Crypto Is Bigger Than the Internet
Tim Draper has set a $250,000 bitcoin value to be the focus on, for the year 2022, as CCN has announced. Tim Draper predicted $250,000 a BTC by the year 2022,” Tim Draper anticipated. Believe it or not, it’s occurring & it will be magnificent!

Tim Draper also projects that BTC will take over the world economy within a couple of years since it’s a marvel that is greater than any technology that has gone before it. The crypto world is greater than the internet! Tim Draper spouted, as revealed by CNBC. It’s greater than the Iron-Age & the Renaissance. It’s greater than the Industrial-Revolution! This will positively influence the world economic & it will be influenced by a faster & more prevalent way than you at any point envisioned.

Like other bitcoin experts, Tim Draper a remarkable history in predicting the rise and fall of BTC price. At as 2015, the financial speculator precisely anticipated that bitcoin would definitely get up to $10,000 before the end-of-2017, bitcoin price rise above $13,000 on December-31, 2017.

At as 2014, Tim Draper purchased over 30,000 worth bitcoins for $600 per BTC at a bartering by the United States. Marshals-Service, a law-implementation arm of the Department-of-Justice, the Justice-Department as often as possible unloads property seized amid criminal attacks.

At as today, bitcoin price of generally $9,051 a token, Tim Draper’s bitcoin is currently worth over $279 million.

As of December-2017, Tim Draper said, he was all the while holding that bitcoin reserve. That is not an awful profit for the period of 4-years investment.


With the recent bans on ICOs many people are left to speculate as to how it will effect Bitcoin’s price. There’s a decent chance that it could help boost Bitcoin’s price…

 China’s recent ban on ICOs really caught a lot of people off guard. Then, just the other day, Thailand’s government announced that they would be heavily regulating ICOs. Bitcoin dropped by about 11 percent, and if more countries start to follow suit this could begin the end of ICOs (at least as they are known now); but what could this mean for Bitcoin?

Before we get started I should probably explain what an ICO is for those who don’t know.

An ICO is short for “Initial Coin Offering,” and is generally used to sell off a number of coins in exchange for Bitcoin or Fiat in order to fund a project. While there are many legitimate projects that fund themselves with ICOs there are also plenty of ICO scams. Some people have praised China’s decision, while others really hate it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you think it’s good or not.

Now, when China banned ICOs Bitcoin’s price dropped 11 percent (Bitcoin is not effected by this ban, it was just worried investors panic selling).While many people are expecting that further bans would also hurt Bitcoin’s price; I’m going to offer a different, more long term perspective.

Bitcoin Price drop



See the in the photo above where it says “BTC Dominance 47.9%,” that means that Bitcoin holds 47.9% of the value of all cryptocurrencies combined. Now think about how many altcoins are actually useful. Other than a few coins like Ethereum and Monero, very few coins have any sort of value or real world use other than as speculation. Right now the market is “bloated” by all of the altcoins that rise and inevitably fall (at least most of them), taking away value from Bitcoin as people sell their BTC to buy into altcoins. ICOs are used to start altcoins, and as investors hear about more and more about ICOs being banned they have less faith in the altcoins and will be more likely stay in Bitcoin, increasing it’s value. This would help contribute to a more stable Bitcoin, as well as helping to increase Bitcoin’s value.

In summary: while the recent ban on ICOs bans hurt altcoins and hurt Bitcoin in the short run, if governments do continue to crack down on ICOs then it may help consolidate value to Bitcoin.



The government of China has declared what expose to be a ban on ICO
funding in the country. This is a desolating blow to Ethereum. The structure
that is almost always used to handling these circulate fundraisers. The ICO
ban strike the long-term financing hypothesis for the crypto market. It
focus on government liability and the category's exhibition to Asia. This
circumstance damage a huge source of want for Ethereum. Chinese
Government has appropriated offensive steps toward adjust
cryptocurrency usage in the country. Banning association from establishing
money over fundamental coin contribution or ICOs. ICOs are related to IPOs
pre-sales. They concede shareholder to invest in a business before it is
accessible to the general public. The shareholder trade Bitcoin or Ethereum
for tokens which are robed for a period of weeks ahead being released for
trading on the accessible market. ICO investors target to income from a
short-term growth in value following the opening of trading on the tokens.
There is managing mistake of this action. The possibility for abuse is
important. This financing is not grant in the United states. It is tiny wonder
that China is also moving to ban ICOs. Chinese government assume to be
taking things a step extra by calling for a return of capital that has earlier
been given to the projects. The short term this may absolutely help
Ethereum prices as capital that would have been transformed into
authorization will now be transformed back to Ethereum and given back to
investors. Over the long term in spite of the situation is dreary. 60 plus ICO
staging by this time reported for break of the new rules. The statement
designate many action which describe to fundraising via ICO. The statement
also mailed out threatening to APP developers and companies which run
ICO of their violation on the act. A large crypto coins were affected by the
statement. A unbroken ban has been situated into impact as of today. This
statement affecting all crypto coin ICO in china.


The Ethereum price in china has affected for the decline on September 4
consequent the announcement by the governments of China. Beginning
association and organizations use ICOs and that are generally Ethereum based. So
increase principle money through the supplying of new cryptocurrencies and
tokens that can be traded online are now formally banned in China. So campaign
opposed to ICOs. The Chinese government has announced them as unlawful and
enforce a embargo on ICO action. The Peoples Bank of China have also announced
a mutual declaration suggesting person and institution that have terminated ICO
fundraisings to prepare arrangements to back all the funds to their shareowner.
The Strict measures had a impermanent destructive Effect on the trading faculty
of Ethereum. The crypto currency posted a intense price fall on September.
Because of the campaigns opposed to ICOs. The Digital currency is still very higher
like 1500 percent than its price in 2016. Because of the digital currency adept a
extraordinary price raise very quickly in 2017 on the ground of part by the
explosion in ICOs. Meantime the number one crypto currency and Ethereum’s
leading competitor. Bitcoin has adept a more than ten percent drop. It is gradually
obtaining impetus as of press time. The cause for the unexpected price downfall is
the faint feeling by investors With the whole digital currency market. The
influence of the Chinese government unexpected crackdown on ICOs and
Appropriate law of the market has been obvious on the price tendency of
Ethereum and bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market. Meantime the
market cap of Ethereum declined by a incredible $6 billion within a day. While
bitcoin price deduction by $200. Initial Coin Offerings could be one of the chief
and biggest Ethereum use and market demand. So the announcement affected
ETH price very badly.

BowHead ICO on 17th July 2017


Bowhead ICO

BowHead is a Canadian based company which offers the first blockchain based medical tools. BowHead is a team of an experienced and skilled member which include medical doctors, software and robotics engineers, biochemistry and data scientists, designers and wellness coaches. The supplements which offered by the bowHead in the market are vegan, gluten, and disruptive fillers and manufacturers in pharmaceutical grade facilities in Japan.

Here BowHead play a lead role to keep us healthy, BowHead believes in personalized and secure healthcare is possible to everyone. From last 18 months, the BowHead team has developed some working prototypes. This tools are easily get connected to the internet and can stream the health of anyone at home and it provides information about health, this is based on blockchain technology which helps to keep their data anonymous and give advice to users what to do or not. These instruments receive data from some other biometric sensors used by customers for ex. wearables, health tracking app, heart rate monitors, blood pressure devices, pedometers and some other smart devices. So there is no need to go to hospitals and pay a high fee.




According to Per Deloitte’s 2017 report, healthcare market at the global level may reach 8.7$ Trillion USD in 2020. It means global healthcare market index is increasing 5.1 percent per year. In 2010 medical instruments are sold in the global market of worth 350$ trillion which may increase to 450 USD trillion in 2019. Also, investors are taking more and more interest in medical technology to invest. This is an era of technology or digitalization and in this era, we have to move with time. Health insurer companies are taking online surveys to know dosage recommendation and inventing new and profitable tools for their customers like to monitor fitness and heart rate, some health companies are providing their customers with Apple Watches and some companies are invented a smart scale which maps customers body and sends data to their smart phone or connected devices. But still, these technologies are vulnerable to hackers.

How to use? Users get provided a blood prick similar to glucose test. Users have to insert the cartridge into the side of the device. The device uses computer vision to determine reagent strength and signal. Licensed doctors give advice to users based on report reading. And at last, it monitors and stores all data in Blockchain technology.

The blockchain is the best way to keep records or any important document. This health records can easily share with organizations, institutes or in any universities. The representatives of institutions came to contact BowHead team and ask for records which they willing to get. Patients have options to participate in the clinical study upon consent. If any patient giving permission to participate in the study and they have full control over it. Patients will have access to the BowHead network of healthcare professionals, it means patients information is centralized within him and without his permission, no one can use it, please refer white paper (11)to know more about it.

The mobile software application will out in few weeks, the mobile app is necessary to use bowhead tools. The bowhead team speculated an advance version of the mobile app will available for iOS and Android with some amazing features. This app is easy can get connected with BowHead devices. Compatible with fiat credit cards. Easy to track medicines and supplementation. Notification and reminder system enable. Private chats. One click buys of supplements and diagnostics tests and much more.

BowHead Mobile App

BowHead announced crowdsale on 17th July 2017

BowHead ICO  is not available for citizens of US and Canada. Maximum supply of tokens is 100M Wave based token. Early birds may get up to 23 percent bonus which will decrease with time. 40M tokens will be allocated to crowd sale which will deliver after 2 weeks of crowdsale. 40M tokens for anonymized patient data and it will lock for 1 years, and 20M tokens will equally distribute between nodes, doctors, and scientists, laboratory, and management team.

BowHead launched bounty campaign on bitcointalk users can join here.


Contact Link







Bounty Campaign

Contact me on BitcoinTalk: Ankit10

Waves Address: 3PKkdAxhMVW8BQBEKtoKWFkZ3s5w7xQDsYt


investFeed ICO (@investFeed) | Twitter

350 tweets • 114 photos/videos • 138K followers. Check out the latest Tweets from investFeed ICO (@investFeed)

InvestFeed Crowdsale start on 23rd July 2017InvestFeed

At the current moment InvestFeed is a social trading platform  for increasing US equities. InvestFeed has a more than 140,00 twitter followers it is a platform to democratize the financial markets. InvestFeed availble on desktop and mobile’s with getting add in iOS and android. Savvy stock investors have opportunity to show thier real time stock trades, strategies and portfolios with other new or existing investors. New investors can learn from existing investors and improve their records and knowledge. Investfeed remove unnecessary expenses from simple and unexpensive  process. Their no need to pay any article subscription, to brokers, advisors and etc.

InvestFeed aim to grow a ” community of users that echoes our philosophy”. This is platform for believers who believe in an open , full transparency and rewards based for everyone who joins this contributers or financial institutions. InvestFeed is a specially build for cryptocurrency community who loves social netweorking and trading market,this will enables users to make affective relationships, users learn from other users, can manage their wallets and exchange ideas. InvestFeed’s Social network app was availble for androif and iOS on thier particular app stores. And already more than 15k users are registered most of them are experienced traders. The contributers will get earn FEED by sharing their portfolios, trades and premium content. Free users can earn free FEED by comments, likes, shares and retweets.

In simple word investFeed  is a peer 2 peer platform where users ca post their thoughts, share a post, like post and can earn reward in FEED token  to increase more engagemet on your post you need to spend more FEED token.

InvestFeed Features

Social Netwroking: Like other social networking site for ex. Twitter  InvestFeed is same , on InvestFeed site users can create account and can build their profile  by adding their strategy, performance, networking, career profile, company profile and much more. Users can chat in real time. Earn FEED by liking,sharing and commenting posts.

Live Streaming Feeds and Channels: For current as well as upcomig cryptocurrencies users can watch live streaming of all this feeds and channels. Users can write posts in the stream of upto 500 words. Also sharing audio or video into multimedia in stream is availale.

Current CryptoCurrency Status: On the users homepage you can find live charts wich shows exclusive price of coins. Altcoins price is also available their so you don’t need to check current price of CryptoCoins elsewhere.

Wallet and Exchange Integration: By using third party integration investfeed allow users to place trades on the platform using thier favourite cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other exchanges and wallets are allowed.

1 ETH is equals to 10,000 FEED Token


Token sale will start on 23rd July 2017 and will end on  7th august 2017. FEED’s token IFT was ethereum or ERC20 based token. Minimum collection target was fixed on 1500 ETH and maximum cap is 28,000 ETH. At the time of writing InvestFeed ICO raised 8379 ETH. If crowdsale get failed all funds will get refunded to investors. Five percent of total tokens will distriuted between core team members. Two percent for advisors and two percent for marketing campaign. Click here to get more information on Bouty Campaign.

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