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7 Active & Best Zilliqa Mining Pool To Mine ZIL in 2024

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List Of Best Zilliqa Mining Pool – ZIL Pools

Zilliqa has been an active coin since its launch in 2018 by Prateek Saxena. It is the world’s first permissionless public blockchain that relies on a shared network. Which allows for completing thousands of transactions per second.

It is built to solve blockchain problems like scalability and speed by using sharding as a second-layer calling solution.

The current price of ZIL is $0.031 and the all-time high was $0.23 per Zil in August 2021. Zilliqa is one of the most widely used coins by miners.

If you are planning to mine Zil or already mining Zilliqa then check out this list of Zilliqa Mining Pools and choose one that can generate more profit & stability.

Best Zilliqa Mining Pool

There are currently more than 5 Zil mining pools active but all are not the same or don’t generate the same amount of coin. If you don’t know PPLNS, PPS, POT, etc., check out this article on Bitcoin Mining Pool payment methods.


K1Pool is a mining pool which is suggested by Zilliqa as well. K1Pool allows you to mine different coins including Zilliqa, Ethereum, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

The feature of auto-switching helps miners to move from one coin to another when the platform sees the profit on one side.

Top features of K1Pool:

  • Auto-Switch
  • Only 1 wallet for all coins
  • Edit payout wallet anytime
  • Anonymous ports are available
  • Servers are in Europe, USA, & China
  • PPLNS & SOLO methods
  • Multilanguage
  • Developers’ APIs are available
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Telegram & Discord support

Fee: 1%

There is a guide on the K1Pool website on how to start mining with K1Pool (https://k1pool.com/pool/zil/how-to-start).


Comining allows you to mine coins Zil, ETC, CLO, UBQ, OCTA, ETHW, ETF, DAE, TSF, POM, & PINK. They have servers in the Russia, the EU, the USA, & Singapore.

Currently, there are 1639 workers who are mining Zil at Comining. There is a 1% fee n your withdrawal. The payments are instant. This Zilliqa Mining Pool is mentioned on official website of Zil.


RustPool is a PPLNS-based mining pool. Servers are available in the USA, Europe, South Korea, and Singapore. The difficulty is 2.02T while the total hash rate is 226.15 GH/s. You can track payment on their payment page.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only 10 ZIL. There are about 125 miners using Rustpool to mine Zilliqa.

Website: https://zil.rustpool.xyz/


With Ezil you can mine Zil alone or use another option where you can with ZIL with other coins like ETHW, ETC, and ETHF.

The network hash rate of Zil is 52.12 TH/s. There are more than 10K miners active. The pool fee is the default for all coins which is 1%.

The minimum payout is only 30 Zil and the supported payment method is PPLNS. Click here to visit the official website https://ezil.me/stats

Other Zilliqa Mining Pools

ShardPool:- No registration requires.  Single or dual mine Zilliqa with Ethash Coins (Eth, Etc, etc). The minimum Shardpool payout is 1 ZIL. The current hashrate is 1.43 TH/s and there are more than 900 active miners. You can considere them as one of the best zil pool.

CrazyPool:- Crazypool is another zil mining pool where you can mine with DPPLNS payment method. They charge mining fee of 1%. You can find more than 2000 active miners who are mining and generating pool hashrate of 3.83 TH/s.

F2Pool:- F2Pool is a place where miners do love to mine their favorite coins. It supports more than 10 coins including Btc, Ltc, Zec, Etc, Sc, Dash, Zen, Bch, and ZIL. With Strong STU-U1++ ASIC you can generate daily revenue of around $4.75. They take 1% as mining fee. it makes me to add this in our zil pools list.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best Zil mining pool?

Above we have mentioned zil mining pools which all are trusted and the best pools to use but we do recommend using K1Pool zil pools.

Zilliqa cloud mining is possible?

As of now, there is no platform that offers ZIL cloud mining services but the alternative of cloud mining Staking you can do. You can earn up to 11.9% on your ZIL on Binance Staking.

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