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Best Monero Mining Pool: Profitable XMR Pools In 2024

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We all know what is Monero and its features. If you don’t know about Monero coin then you are wasting your time as a miner. But if you want to know more about Monero and their journey then you can read this article on What Is Monero.

To mine any coin you need to know the profitability of the mining of the coin. Many factors affect this and one of those reasons are Mining Pool. If you choose the best Monero mining pool to start Monero Mining then you might get benefit from it.

In this article, we are going to check the list of the best and most highly profitable Monero pools.

Which Is The Best Way To Mine Monero? Solo or Pool?

If you are planning to use a mining pool then you must have an idea of which type of mining is best, Solo or Pool?

Solo Monero mining,  is appreciated by the Monero team as they claim that it makes the network more secure. There is no need to use third-party software. You will get paid directly to your Monero wallet. But finding blocks in Solo mining is a bit hard or slow. Hence SOLO mining is suggested for big miners.

Pool Monero Mining is made for every type of miners like small miners or big ones. The pool allows you to ger coined mine more speedily. You have a chance to get a block reward. You have to pay fees to mining pool operators.

10 Best Monero Mining Pool

Now if you have decided to miner XMR through Pool then let’s have a look at the list of best Monero Pools. We picked these pools after checking every possible detail about them like fees, trust or scams, payouts, activeness, and much more.


What can be better than mining Monero in Pool without paying pool fees?

P2Pool is the only decentralized mining pool for Monero mining which gives control of the pool to the users. The negative point here is that you need to have some technical knowledge to run the pool.

To know more details about this pool you can visit their announcement page or website.

Currently, they have more than 450 active miners. The pool hash rate is 146 MH/s while the network hash rate is 2353 MH/s

Payment methods: PPLNS
Fees: 0.00%
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0004 XMR
Website: Visit Here

SupportXMR (best xmr pool)

SupportXMR is one of the most active mining pools for XMR along with that it is also one of the simplest mining pools I have ever seen.

It almost covers 20 to 25% of miners, yes you heard right around 25% of miners are using them to mine XMR. As the name already suggests you can mine Monero only.

There are more than 6000 miners who are using this pool with a pool hash rate of around 442 MH/s. To date, more than 66K miners or addresses used to mine using this pool.

Payment methods: PPLNS
Fees: 0.6%
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.10 XMR
Website: Visit Here


NanoPool is the number 1 mining pool for Monero miners as almost 40% of miners do use this pool for mining XMR coins. As of now, they have around 2360 miners and 12000 workers mining Monero coins.

On average 210 blocks are found in this pool. On Nanopool you can mine other coins as well like Conflux, Kaspa, Raven, Ergo, Ironfish, Zcash, ETC, and Ethereum Pow.

The servers are available in these regions USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Asia. The current mining pool hash rate is around 664 KH/s.

If you want to mine Monero for the long term then you can use them as they offer good customer support and interface.

Payment methods: PPLNS
Fees: 1.00%
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 XMR
Website: Visit Here


MoneroHash was launched in 2014 based in the USA. In the starting days it was the only most widely used and popular Monero pool used by miners but as competition increased their demand decreased still, they are one of the most trusted XMR pools.

The use of this pool might be higher but due to their high fee and not up-to-mark support, users moved from here. It doesn’t mean that this pool is bad at all.

The website claims that smaller pools are more profitable for individuals and the website seems well maintained while the pool never went away hence it is worth trying.

With MoneroHash you can directly withdraw your coins to any supported exchange wallet which saves your transfer fee.

The pool hash rate is 7.17 MH/s with 220 plus miners.

Payment methods: PPLNS
Fees: 1.6%
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.10 XMR
Website: Visit Here


2Miners was founded in 2017 with some coins later expanded and currently support all major coins, you can mind more than 20 coins with ASIC, GPU, or CPU.

They provide the best customer support and they have a telegram group as well where you can ask your query and your fellow miners may help you there.

As of now, there are more than 2640 miners and more than 10950 workers mining on this pool. The current pool hash rate is 135.38 MH/s with 89% luck.

Payment methods: PPLNS & SOLO
Fees: 1.0% PPLNS and 1.5% SOLO
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.01 XMR
Website: Visit Here


HashVault was launched in the year 2017 and now more than 10 coins supporting here. You can find such coins which are not even listed on other mining pools.

Available coins to mine are Monero, Zephyr, Aeon, Haven, Lethean, Sumkoin, Masari, BiTuveCash, Conceal, Swap, and KevaCoin.

They cover 350 MH/s hash rate of the total Monero mining pool hash rate. They have more than 2600 active miners.

Payment methods: PPLNS & SOLO
Fees: 0.90% on both pools
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 XMR
Website: Visit Here


HeroMiners started their pool with coin QRL and currently supports more than 15 coins including Monero, Beam, Kaspa, ETC, IronFish, EthW, Ergo, and some other altcoins.

More than 350 miners with 850+ workers mining XMR on this pool. The pool mining hash rate is 157 MH/s while the Solo mining hash rate is 356 KH/s. Most of the miners are mining in pool 350 mining in the pool while only 10 miners mining SOLO.

The previous block was founded 11 minutes ago in Pool and in Solo the last block was founded 24 hours ago.

They have servers in regions like Germany, Finland, Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Singapore, Turkey, and Australia.

Payment methods: PRP & SOLO
Fees: 0.90% on both pools
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 XMR
Website: Visit Here

Some Other Monero Pools

Following are other XMR pools that you can start using to mine Monero coins now.

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