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How To Create Monero Paper Wallet To Keep Your XMR Safely

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Last Updated on July 16, 2023 by cryptocreed

No doubt Monero is one of the best cryptocurrencies and currently holds the #28 position as per coinmarketcap. The current total market cap is $5,604,111,998. Which definitely changes every second.

The Monero is formerly known as BitMonero which was first introduced in April 2014 by BitcoinTalk user thankful_for_todayIt was the fork of Bytecoin (uses CryptoNote technology). But due to some controversial changes were planned to implement which the community doesn’t like. After that core team did fork and implemented community-guided changes.

Want to know more about Monero? Visit here to read what is Monero.

Storing cryptocurrency like Monero is not easy with centralized wallets as it can get hacked or compromised at any time.

That’s why it is always suggested to use secure and trusted wallets to store your coins whether it is Monero or any other. Hardware wallets and paper wallets are some of the safest ways to store your cryptocurrency.

Let’s begin with basic questions.

Paper Wallets Are Safe?

Paper wallets are considered the safest method to store any coin because you get full control over your wallet. It is the same as a hardware wallet.

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You can generate paper wallets online and offline as well. In paper wallets, you just need to keep your private key safely, in a location where no one can see except you.

Best Monero Paper Wallet

Before knowing how to create a Monero paper wallet let’s check out the list of active and best Monero paper wallet sites. As of now, there is currently only one online Monero paper wallet. Which is mentioned below.


MoneroAddress is considered the safest online paper wallet to generate Monero paper wallet online. It is also mentioned by the official Monero website.

MoneroAddress also supports AEON coin, which means you can generate AEON and XMR paper wallets from one place.

How To Create Monero Paper Wallet

As there is only one Monero paper wallet generator available we will take that as an example.

First, visit the MoneroAddress website from here https://moneroaddress.org. You can see the below screen after visiting the site.

Note: Currently domain is “moneroaddress.org” but someone uploaded the code of the XMR paper wallet here “xmr.avalanchepaperwallet.com” which means you can create your Monero paper wallet here or you can use GitHub to find the code.

MoneroAddress home


Now here you can see the button Generate Wallet, click on that button, or if want to add custom entropy for a deterministic wallet then enter that in that empty space else you can keep that space empty.

just click on Generate Wallet and scroll down.  Now you can see below texts

MoneroAddress Create wallet - monero paper wallet

Here you can find your public address, private keys, and Mnemonic seed. Now your XMR paper wallet is generated. It is your duty to keep your access keys safe.

I always suggest storing them offline and not on any PC or online device.

How To Check Monero Paper Wallet Balance

To check your Monero wallet balance you need to access your wallet. This is a bit confusing and a hard step for beginners but it is safe at the same time.

You can either download the official wallet and import your wallet to check the balance or you can go with view only guide posted by the Monero official team.

Click here to visit the guide. This article will teach you how you can check your Monero wallet balance.

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