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Best Groestlcoin Pool: List Of Profitable GRS Mining Pools

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Best Groestlcoin Pool

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Groestlcoin has been there since 2014 but has not been able to make its name on the big stage in the crypto community but still they are one of the popular mineable coins.

It is also one of the most stable mining coins which ranged or never crossed 2.45 USD per coin in the last 9+ years.

If you are planning to mine GRS coin then you need the best Groestlcoin mining pool that can help you to mine GRS coin with less pool fees and provide high profitability.

GRS coin is based on the Groestl Algorithm. It operates as open-source software on a peer-to-peer model like most coins do. Transactions are verified by nodes. The coin requires less block period than Bitcoin so users can use it for everyday payments.

Where I Can Buy GroestlCoin (GRS)?

Currently GRS coin is trading on a limited number of exchanges and the volume is quite low as well. You can buy GRS coins on UpBit and CoinEx exchange.

Best GroestlCoin Mining Pool

Following are the best GRS mining pools and we added each of them after comparing their credibility, fees, number of miners, etc.


Supernova was launched in the same year when GRS launched in 2014. You can find all low-cap coins here with some high-cap coins as well. They do not support Bitcoin but you can find coins like GRS DASH, Digibyte, Ravencoin, etc.

The setting you can use to set up your mining pool. stratum+tcp://grs.suprnova.cc:5544

Currently, there are more than 550 workers mining GRS coins with an average block finding is 5 minutes.

For Nicehash use Kawpow Algo and Port 5544. The payment method they use is PPLNS.

Fee: 0.00% to on your will

Minimum Payout: 1 GRS


MiningPoolHub supports almost all mining coins including GRS, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Monacoin, Litecoin, Ravencoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, and more.

It is Russia Russia-based mining pool that allows you to mine coins anonymously or by creating an account on their website.

HOST: hub.miningpoolhub.com
PORT: 20486

Fee: 0.90% to on your will

Minimum Payout: 1 GRS


Mining-Dutch is a Netherland-based multi-coin mining pool. Here you can find more than 30 coins and possibly all new coins will be seen here. You can find almost all new coins here.

There are around 763 workers mining different reward systems D-PPS, PPLNS, and SOLO. The total pool hash rate is 7.96 TH/s.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 1 GRS


Zergpool supports more than 20 coins including GRS,  Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Auroracoin, Digibyte, and more. The port is 5333.

It has more than 250 miners mining in sharedpool and more than 110 miners in SOLO. The current pool hash rate is 3.4 TH/s.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 1 GRS

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Some Other GroestlCoin Mining Pools

Following are some other mining pools that you can use to mine GRS coins. These GroestlCoin mining pools are not the most active ones or they have high fees but you can try.

  • Zpool:- They have a mining pool hash rate of around 1.08 TH/s.
  • PilotMiningPool:- They have currently no active miners.
  • Kriptokyng: The last block was founded on this mining pool around 2 months ago.

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