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Dynex Mining Pool: 5 Best Dynex Pool To Mine Dynexcoin

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Smart miners do choose new coins to mine that can bring profitable coins to them and hence we decided to bring the list of Dynex Mining Pool.

Dynex is a new coin that you should choose to mine so that if it outperforms in the future then you can get high profit from it.

As Dynexcoin is the new coin in the market finding a pool is a bit difficult because of the limited number are pool supporting it but still we managed to find 5 best Dynex pools for you.

Before checking the pools let’s understand what is Dynex. Dynex Coin Algorithm is DynexSolve.

What Is Dynex?

Dynex is the first and only PoUW algorithm (Proof Of Useful Work) based coin. It is a next-generation platform for neuromorphic computing based on a groundbreaking flexible blockchain protocol.

The claims made by the team & community is that Dynex neuromorphic supercomputing network is capable of exceeding quantum computing in charge of speed and efficiency.

Their aim is to transform and allow the community to adopt the neuromorphic chips to create a super fast computing experience.

5 Best Dynex Mining Pool

After researching we chose the list of the best Dynexcoin mining pool that can be beneficial to miners.


F2Pool is one of the biggest and most active multi-cryptocurrency mining pools launched in 2013. They support more than 12 major coins including Dynex, Bitcoin, Litecoin, kaspa, ETC, Bitcoin Cash, ETHW, Raven, KDA, Zec, IronFish, etc.

The current pool hash rate of F2Pool is 105 MH/s while the total network hash rate is 1.42 GH/s.

They have other products for miners that you might like to check like they have Transaction Accelerator, mobile app, and Ordinal Auction feature.

F2Pool has listed Dynexcoin in September 2023.

Fee: 1% PPLNS

Minimum Payout: 1 DNX


DeepMinerz is a Dynexcoin dedicated mining pool. You can mine as a SOLO miner or in the pool using the payment method PROP. The fee that they take is quite low which makes them one of the best mining pools for miners.

They have more than 5 servers across the world, UK, USA, Singapore, Denmark, Romania, USA West, and more. The current mining pool hash rate is around 52 MH/s.

More than 700 miners are using this pool, while payments are sent every 2 hours.

Fee: 0.5% PPLNS

Minimum Payout: 1 DNX


Mineradnow is one of the biggest Russia-based Dynexcoin dedicated mining pools. It covers almost 20% of the total mining pool hash rate.

Mineradnow offers a simple and clean website for miners to make their steps. The current total pool hash rate is around 336 MH/s.

On average 200 PROP and 50 SOLO blocks are mined/found daily. The pool has more than 3000 miners with more than 13200 workers.

Fee: 1% PROP & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 2 DNX


EkaPool is a multi-coin mining pool but it supports only a few coins that are new in the market. The EkaPool has a total pool hash rate of 265 MH/s.

They have more than 3200 PROP miners and only 3 SOLO active miners. The blocks are getting mined every 20 minutes. Payments are sent to your wallet every two hours.

Fee: 1% PROP & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 10 DNX

Website: https://ekapool.com/dnx


HeroMiners has servers available in almost every corner of the world. They have more than 10 servers available in India, Hong Kong, Germany, Finland, Canada, Russia, Korea, Australia, Turkey, USA, etc.

The current pool hash rate is around 280 MH/s. More than 3300 miners are working to mine DNX coins on Herominers. payment is sent every 1 hour.

Fee: 0.9% PROP & SOLO

Minimum Payout: 1 DNX

Website: https://dynex.herominers.com/

Some Other Dynex Mining Pools

Above are the most widely used and best mining pools for Dynex miners but in case you want to try some other mining pools then check out the following DNX pools as well.

  • ZergPool:- (https://zergpool.com) 0.5% pool with 21 miners and 300 KH/s pool hash rate.
  • NeuroPool:- (https://dynex.neuropool.net) 1% PROP mining fee with 2564 miners and pool hash rate of 256 MH/s.
  • MiningOcean:- (https://dynex.miningocean.org) 0% mining pool fee with more than 21 miners. The pool hash rate is 3.3 MH/s.

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