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Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges

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Last Updated on November 10, 2017 by cryptocreed

There are numbers of Bitcoin and Altcoin exchanges but its hard to find best and suitable exchanges amongs all of them. Many people building their own exchanges site to scam people even after they dont have any idea of coding. Building own exchanges site is not worth until you can’t save your customers credentials. After scam of Mt. Gox  bitcoiners have many questions in their mind, is it safe to use exchanges website. Security of users of Exchange sites should be preferred.

That’s why we have created a list, this list places the exchange site that gives priority to the security of its customers.



Kraken is first choice of european people. Kraken support four residents are Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. Kraken is giant of online trading and exchanges. They prefer security of users first. Many people says that Kraken is Europe based site but according to their site they are  San Francisco based exchange site.

As per daily market report of Kraken, more than $191M traded on 3rd nov 2017 for all markets.  Its is the best place for buyers who want to buy large amount of Bitcoin

There are different fees taken by Kraken and it depends on two different factors. First is, on currency pair different fees for different currency and second one is on last 30 day trading volume. Visit there fee page for more details.

Users have to complete their KYC verification process in order to deposit or withdrawals. Every country has their own verification process so read here before start.


Bitfinex is the second must trusted Crypto Exchange site. Bitfinex covered around 10% of total share os USD trading market. It seems like Bitfinex has been made by keeping the traders in mind. Because the design of their website shows something similar. Bitfinex comes in exis

tence in 2013. Bitfinex store 99.5% of total assets in their cold storage and rest of them allow for convenient actions.

There is no need to verify your account on Bitfinex if you are depositing in Crypto Currencies. Bitfinex takes 0.1% fee for market sellers and 0.2% from makers buyers.


CEX.IO is very cheapest place to exchange or buy Bitcoin and Altcoin. But with complex verification requirement. Buying Crypto through Bank is absolutely

free.  Some of US states are not alllowed to use CEX.IO platform like Alabama, Ohio and washington and others. Cex.io has IoS and Android mobile APP.

CEX.IO taking 0.2% transaction fees on every trading perform on site. 3.9%+0.25$ fee on every purchase on CEX.IO.

There are some limits on  depositing and withdrawing on CEX.IO there are four different levels Basics,Verified, Verified Plus and Corporate.

Basic accounts allowed daily mini 300$ deposit and 500$ to withdraw. Verified account allowed to deposit 10000$ per day and upto 100,000$ per month. You can check limitation on their payment option page.



Bitstamp is one of the oldest Bitcoin or Crypto exchange site, running since 2011 with over 1Million accounts. Bitstamp is a Euopean Union based bitcoin exchange site. Bitstamp doesn’t require much verification  time.  Bitstamp required your national ID for verification.

Depositing and withdrawing through Bitcoin is free of charge. They are taling fee on trading is around 0.25% to 0.10%. Refer here to know more about Fee structure.

Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges

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