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Zipper: Your smartphone is blockchain powerhouse

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In the non-blockchain world, we keep isolating records of transactions. In the event that you write your companion a check, you balance your own checkbook and your companion does likewise when they deposit it. Be that as it may, things can turn out badly. They may neglect to refresh their checkbook record. What’s more, each bank has no real way to know immediately if the individual has enough in their financial balance to cover it.

With a blockchain, instead of two separate checkbooks with two records of debits and credits, you’d both take a gander at a similar ledger of transactions. It’s private (encrypted, in computer-speak), and decentralized, so neither of you controls the ledger.

Blockchain and crypto- assets are the next big disruptor after the internet and mobile. Where mobile internet gave equal access to information to a great many people on the planet, blockchain and tokens will give equal access to value exchange for everybody associated with the internet. The way to achieving this vision is simple, trustless, low-cost transactions, which the Ethereum platform and keen contracts can give.

The Zipper’s project’s goal is to enable the average consumer to approach the decentralized web’s services, as effortlessly as he accesses the mobile internet with an iPhone or Android gadget; simply remove the gadget from the box or install an application and earning with it straight away, rather than printing and shroud private key, or stressing if one’s delicate information can be spilled.

The zipper is building a mobile platform that brings blockchain-based services to the majority by making them easy to use. The project aims to elevate our smartphones to blockchain-powered gadgets that anybody can utilize.

The zipper will develop the first version of the Zipper platform for Android and Sailfish OS powered Sony Xperia gadgets. The objective is to engage application developers to integrate their services into the Zipper platform through a devoted developer gadget, and for pioneer clients to get early access and give feedback.

The zipper is hoping to cooperate with several large ongoing blockchain projects which will give the core services for Zipper platform clients. At first, Zipper intends to partner with projects developing:

  • Digital identity
  • File sharing & storage
  • Decentralized app store
  • Search
  • Data monetization and sharing
  • Computing
  • Messaging
  • Finance & insurance

By cooperating with the core blockchain projects, we believe we can construct an easy to use, integrated service ecosystem.

ZIP token is Zipper platform’s utility token which is utilized for the most part for three purposes: the platform and service providers can utilize ZIP to reward their active clients, helping the providers to set up a reliable client construct and with respect to the next hand rewarding loyal clients for their attention. Also, ZIP is utilized to incentivize application development for the Zipper platform as well as to curate the best applications for discovery through a curation market mechanism.

The aggregate number of ZIP tokens is limited to one-billion. ZIP Trust releases these ERC20 tokens gradually over several years to Zipper ecosystem participants as rewards for supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

Developing the Zipper platform, funding, and integrating core services into it, and building a solid developer community is the initial segment of the Zipper project’s journey. The second part is to get the Zipper experience to the hands of clients around the globe.

Zipper’s go-to-market technique has three stages:

  • Commercialize
  • Scale with device partners
  • Scale with downloadable solution

ZIP Trust’s keen contracts release ZIP tokens to assigned uses and pools more than quite a long while opportunity after the ZIP token launch. Note that the release plan and timetable may change in the coming months as we build up the optimal supply and vesting plan together with our community and advisors before the ZIP token is released.


For more info visit zipper’s website and official announcement page.

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