Tass – Token As a Service

Taas - token as a service
Taas - token as a service
Taas - token as a service
Taas – Token As a Service

Taas is also known as Token As a Service, TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund designed to reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the blockchain space. TaaS introduces an innovative business model that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets and using the Ethereum blockchain and its spearheading Cryptographic Audit innovation. ICO starts on 27th march and it was untill 27th april, exact one month.

TaaS tokens represent a Proof-of-Membership in a fund. It grants access to 50% of fund profits, executed by an Ethereum smart contract.

Taas distributing rewards 50% of quarterly profits between Taas holders or token owners  and to grow the capital pool without attracting additional investment , 25% of profits will be reinvested in to fund back. Which helps to increase the Net Asset Value (NAV)  of token, TaaS introduces a Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) business model.


Taas Structure

Taas will sell a maximum of 101 million Taas tokens in their ICO and no additional Taas tokens will ever created in the future. And the structure of token sale is built in a way that the tokens have a fixed price of 1$ also the tokens which are not sold in the between ICO will be burned automatically. This is unique and it make Taas different from other projects usually hold on to a certain percentage of tokens to sold in ICO. Taas also not trade or own its own tokens.


There are bomuses for ICO not based on duration as many other ICO have.Grid is constructed with regards to amount raised



Taas Cryptographic Audit

Taas Cryptographic Audit is a set of ideal and unique auditing tools, the techniques that traces, records and timestamps buying and selling activity. The technology of Taas is  make sure users or members to easily validate history and portfolio balances. Cryptographic Audit  of Taas was built specially to provide high security for money flow in blockchain projects.


Accounts on Audible Exchange

Taas provide the stage where each accounts used for trading on the exchange, which has API Key that will allow anyone to verify trade and balance history of the each account.Taas has a account with almost every major exchange service.Taas hosting an audit page with full list of API Keys and account information.

Proof of Reserves For Non-Exchange Accounts

A cold storage addresses that will be used for all non-exchange acounts for storage of Tass funds also they provide a proof of ownership, a transaction with a special marker in OP_RETURN  will be sent from each account in order to verify that the account in question belongs to TaaS.


Taas using TLSNotary or a similar solution to provide cryptographic proof of fiat currency reserves in our bank and exchange accounts.


For proof that nobody misconduct data between the audits. A peerless smart contract will be formed to reatain the daily blockchain snapshot of audit data.

TaaS Team

From the TaaS was founded ,their team working really very hard on this project and they have briliant engineers and directors.

Team TaaS

For more Information Visit the Taas Website

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