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MoonDogeCoin Review: What Happened To MoonDoge.Co.in

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on May 31, 2021 by cryptocreed

What you will do if someone asks you to tell him the best high-paying faucet? Then definitely you will choose MoonDogeCoin like faucets. Because they were one of the oldest and trusted faucet websites.

This is the reason why I am writing this MoonDogeCoin review, let’s understand what happened to MoonDogecoin. If you want to earn some extra money then you can visit our Airdrop page where you can find the latest and trusted crypto Airdrop.

In order to use any Dogecoin Faucet, you need to have a Dogecoin wallet, here you can find a list of the best Doge Wallet.

Let’s start our review.

What Is MoonDogeCoin?

MoonDogeCoin faucet was launched in the year 2015 and it becomes very much popular among crypto users. Almost every crypto faucet lover has used them once.

It was one of the oldest and trusted crypto faucets till early 2021. It worked for around 6 years without any problem or any major scam report.

Moon Dogecoin faucet was simple in design since its start but it got a modern look in 2020. If you want to know who is the owner of this faucet then you will not get to know this and most of the faucet owners are not publically available.

MoonDogeCoin is a dogecoin faucet where you can claim free Dogecoin after every specific period of time. Currently, the timer is fixed for every 5 minutes.

How You Can Earn Free Doge?

There are three different methods through which you can earn free Dogecoin. Following are the methods you can use to claim free Dogecoin.

Claim With Faucet

The easiest method to claim free coins is the faucet. By using their faucet page you can claim every 5 minutes. You just need to do into Moon Dogecoin login and click on the claim button, after solving the captcha your account will be funded with free cryptocurrency.


You can also earn coins in bonuses. If you become a daily user then you will be eligible for this. If you do a daily claim then you will get a loyalty bonus.

Loyalty bonus increases daily by 1%. So if you do a daily claim then you will get a bonus else you will get nothing.

In case you do claim for 5 continuous days then your account will be credited with a bonus but as soon as you forget to claim a single day your bonus will go back to 0. Hence the more you claim the more you earn.


The easiest method among others is a referral. You have to do nothing except sharing your referral link and enjoy free commission.

You will get 25% of your referred earnings. For example, if your friend earned $100 then you will earn $25. This is absolutely free earning.

MoonDogeCoin Payout Details

Do you know how payout from MoonDogecoin receives? They sent your earned money or crypto to your CoinPot Microwallet.

There is no minimum payout.

Don’t know what is MicroWallet? Check out the article here on what is Crypto MicroWallet.

What Happened To MoonDogeCoin?

MoonDogecoin is not closed as of May 2021. Because the microwallet provider CoinPot is not closed. And this faucet was working on that microwallet only.

Also, the rate of coins also affected it too much.

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