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OKX Solana Quiz Answers: Solana Learn and Earn

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OKX Solana Quiz Answers

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OKX is one of the most popular crypto exchanges that has recently launched its first Learn and Earn campaign with Solana coin.

In this campaign, you will get rewarded in Solana coins for just participating and completing the tasks. We all know about the OKX exchange and Solana coin hence there is nothing new to know.

So without wasting time let’s get started with basic details.

Update: Reward Distributed

Sol learn and earn okx

What Is the OKX Learn and Earn Program?

OKX Learn and Earn campaign is similar to any other learn and earn program like Binance. Here you have to learn about the project and answer some questions related to that project.

Such campaigns are launched to spread the word about the project by incentivizing users.

How To Join OKX Learn and Earn Campaign

Many of you might be still confused about how to join the OKX Learn and Earn campaign. Let’s check out the simple steps that will lead you to join the campaign.

  • Register and log in to OKX.
  • Download the app & log in to your account.
  • Open “https://www.okx.com/campaigns/sol-earn” in your mobile browser
  • Login to your OKX account and click on Join
  • Now click on Learn on the OKX App which will open a new page in the OKX App

You can find the details related to the task and a guide to complete it.

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Things To Remember While Taking The OKX SOLANA Quiz

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://www.okx.com/campaigns/sol-earn”.
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. Try to use a mobile device.
  4. Deposit at least 10 USDT or USDC on Solana Network
Total reward: 0.0527 SOL
Start & End Date: 22/Dec/2023 – 05/Jan/2024
What to do: Watch a video for a few minutes and answer 5 questions.

OKX Solana Quiz Answers

Q1. What doesn’t enhance Solana’s transaction rate?

Answer: Proof of Work

Q2. What was Firedancer transaction speed last November

Answer: 1,200,000

Q3. What can you do with SOL?

Answer: All of the Above

Q4. How much energy do Solana transactions currently cost?

Answer: Less than a Google Search (1 KJ)

Q5. How can you earn SOL rewards on OKX?

Answer: All of the above

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Note: The post is for educational purpose only.

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