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Binance Learn and Earn Answers: Binance EDU Quiz Answers

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Binance EDU Quiz Answers

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Education is a fundamental pillar of society, but traditional systems often face challenges in terms of accessibility, transparency, and accountability. Open Campus emerges as a disruptive force, harnessing the power of blockchain to address these limitations.

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Things To Remember While Taking Binance EDU Quiz

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://academy.binance.com/en/learn-and-earn”.
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. Try to use a mobile device.
  4. Questions will be not in the same format for everyone.
  5. Rewards will get credited to your account within 48 hours.
Total reward:
Start & End Date: NA
What to do: Watch a video of 2.11 minutes and answer 11 questions.

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EDU Binance Quiz Answers

Q1) Which of the below is not a mission of Open Campus?

ANSWER: Create a free learning platform for students

Q2) What is the governance role of $EDU owners in the protocol?

ANSWER: They can vote on proposals submitted through the Open Campus DAO

Q3) What do publisher NFTs allow content creators to do?

ANSWER: Maintain ownership of their intellectual property while monetizing their content

Q4) What is a co-publisher?

ANSWER: Promote and market the teachers’ content with different communities

Q5) What is $EDU?

ANSWER: The native token of Open Campus

Q6) What is Open Campus?

ANSWER: A decentralized education platform for teachers, creators, and learners

Q7) What is the $10M Global Educators Fund?

ANSWER: A fund to support teachers in creating content on Open Campus

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