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Binance Learn and Earn: Binance TUSD Quiz Answers

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Binance TUSD Quiz Answers

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Binance is again back with the campaign for TUSD where you can earn free coins for answering questions. In Binance Learn and Earn program they recently launched Binance TUSD Quiz.

The program is fully available for persons who have verified accounts on the Binance. If you do not have a verified account then you can create one using our link to save 40% on transaction fees.

Binance has launched the Binance TUSD Quiz Learn and Earn, where users have to answer to questions related to the TUSD.

So what is TUSD? TUSD is also known as TrueUSD. It is a stablecoin that maintains a 1:1 peg of the US dollar with on-chain attestation with real-time verification.

Binance Learn and Earn: Binance TUSD Quiz Answers

This campaign will be active for the last 2 weeks, starting from 20th July to 3rd August 2023.

Question 1. On which of the following chains has TUSD been deployed natively?

Answer: Ethereum, TRON, Avalanche, BNB Chain

Question 2. What does the TUSD feature” secured minting” refer to?

Answer: Secured minting is used through proof of Reserve (PoR) data feed, the TUSD smart contract will automatically check whether the total of Supply of TUSD would exceed the total amount of US dollars held in reserve before any new stablecoin is minted, and so if exceeded mint will be stopped

Question 3. There are no maker fees on all TUSD spot & margin statements true or false?

Answer: True

Question 4. Can users access real-time attestation data about TrueUSD’s reserve?

Answer: Yes, users access it on the website tust.io, and even download a PDF of the live attestation provided by TNF.

Question 5. What kind of cryptocurrency is TUSD?

Answer: A fiat-backed stablecoin

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Question 6. Which of the following TUSD trading pairs allows you to trade without additional trading fees?

Answer: TUSD/BTC

Question 7. In which year was TUSD natively launched on the BNB chain?

Answer: 2023

Question 8. What’s TUSD’s market capitalization?

Answer: Over 3 Billion

Question 9. How is TUSD different from a central bank digital currency (CBDC)?

Answer: CBDCs are digital currencies issued by a country’s central bank. TUSD is issued by a private company and is pegged to the USD.

Question 10. When was TUSD officially launched?

Answer: April 2018

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