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How To Make Money On BitcoinTalk In 2023

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by cryptocreed

I am writing this article because recently I earned  800$ from BitcoinTalk Bounty Campaign. I hope you people also get a chance to earn some free coins. If need any help then don’t hesitate to comment below


Today here we are going to tell you how to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency from BitcoinTalk.org

Almost every cryptocurrency users are familiar with the BitcoinTalk.org forum. This forum is the best place to get knowledge about Bitcoin and altcoins, as well as this is the place where users can earn Bitcoin or altcoins. Normally earning free Bitcoin is a hard task but Bitcointalk makes it easy. To start earning coins on this forum is free for tasks.

Users can create multiple accounts, but it doesn’t mean you create multiple accounts for scamming others.  Create an account on BitcoinTalk now, after registration you will get the “Newbie” rank and it increases as per your activity increase. At the time of writing this, I am the “Full Member” of the forum. “make money on BitcoinTalk”

Earning may depend on users Rank 

Ways to Earn Bitcoin On BitcoinTalk

There are various ways to earn Bitcoin-like, Signature Campaign, Bounty Campaigns ( it include writing an article on own blog, Twitter campaign, FB campaign, Signature, Translation, etc. )  Lending Your Money and Trading Goods.

There are two different Marketplace sections, one for Bitcoin-related and the second one is for Altcoin

If you are Newbie in Bitcoin Community then I suggest you join the Altcoin marketplace bounty campaigns, there are many bounty campaigns in the Altcoin sections but in the Bitcoin section, you can’t find suitable tasks for you or low-paying.

Before Join any campaign or tasks please read the Rule of the campaign.

Bitcointalk Bounty Campaigns

In the altcoin section, they paid in their own Currency or in Token.

Bounty campaign is the best source to earn free coins, as I find currently there was only 1 bounty campaign is active in the Bitcoin section (click here to open this active task) but in the Altcoin section, numbers of bounty campaigns are active

The owners of new projects join Bitcointalk to promote their projects and in front of promoting their projects they give some Bitcoin or Altcoin to a person.

Altcoin sections reward pay after ICO ends or on the fixed date of payment.

Bounty Campaign includes Twitter, Facebook, Article writing, Translation, etc.

If you have a Twitter account with a minimum of 100 followers then you can easily join in the Twitter campaign and earn free coins, you just need to like, retweet, or tweet it depends on a particular campaign. (click here for all active Twitter campaign), “make money on BitcoinTalk”.

The Facebook campaign is similar to the Twitter campaign, users need to share, post, and like.

If you have a blog with some users then you can earn free coin by writing an article on your blog, this is one of the best ways to earn coin

In translation, you need to translate the announcement thread in your local language and post it in bitcointalk local section. “make money on BitcoinTalk”.

There are other tasks like joining the telegram and slack team to earn small rewards.

Signature Campaign

You can find all active Bitcoin signature campaigns here with details and the Altcoin section’s campaign is here

Signature campaigns are the simplest of ways to earn bitcoins on BT. Newbies or users with negative trust cannot participate in signature campaigns. The minimum rank required is junior member, qualification is being active on BitcoinTalk. make money on BitcoinTalk.

Once you have enrolled in a sig campaign, just do what you have been doing, posting, and commenting, but this time you will get paid for each of your posts.

There are some legendary and hero members who are earning anywhere between 0.05 to 0.1 BTC per day from signature campaigns. If you are a junior member then you will get about 7000 to 10000 satoshis per post based on the site you are promoting. Usually, gambling sites have higher rates. Keep in mind, you are getting paid to promote a site through your comments, but that does not give you the license to spam around.

Sell Your Services

Signature campaigns are a cakewalk so the earning potential is limited, but if you have some skills then you can use BitcoinTalk as any other freelance site by selling your services at the marketplace.

The difference between freelancer and BT marketplace is, freelancer only has job postings based on high skills like programming, web designing, content writers, etc, but on BT apart from all these sophisticated skills you can also find a large number of users looking for people who can send genuine traffic to their site, who can create unique faucet script, sign-up offers, captcha typing job, logo designing, escrow services, selling social media services and may more.

Skills are skills, no matter how sophisticated or simple it is and if you think you have something worth selling then do not wait for someone to ask you, just go to the marketplace, create a post and you will get a quick response.


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