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Lunes Crypto – Financial Offers From Decentralized Platform

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Lunes is a decentralized platform which offers a pack of financial and authenticity records solutions using the blockchain technology.

Lunes Crypto is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is an emerging technology. There are several services which Lunes offered. Cryptocurrencies have already surpassed the valuation of renowned companies.

Lunes Crypto services

Lunes Crypto wallet: Lunes offers a multi-coin wallet, Crypto Exchange, Card management services in one place. This wallet will be available on the Web, Android, iOS, and on Desktop.

Lunes truth: Lunes is also offered a digital office register. This allows users to do authenticity records in a safe, fast, and decentralized way.

Starting point: Lunes have a voting system, where users can validate ideas and receive gratifications. Also offers other features like Coin creations and regulations.

Lunes market: Lunes has planned to launch a decentralized exchange platform wich get P2P transaction too and cryptocurrency trading with low fees and better security.

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Lunes prepaid card: Lunes private label prepaid card allows the users to credit any crypto to their wallet quickly. Users can have full control over their wallets.

The ICO will happen in four stages, it includes pre-ICO too. A total of 110 M Coins will be allocated to the Pre-ICO at the rate of 0.01 to 0.08$ per Coin with excluding bonuses. The ICO will be distributing 364 M Coin at the rate of 0.15$ to 0.30$ with excluding bonuses.

Coin specification/distribution: 

Total supply – 680M Coins

Team reserve – 102M Coins

Strategic Partners – 7M Coins

Development – 15M Coins

ICO sale – 474M coins

Bounty – 2M coins

You need to download the wallet. This is not ERC20 or waves based token.

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