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List Of Best Ergo Mining Pools To Mine ERG Coins In 2023

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by cryptocreed

List Of Best Ergo Mining Pools

ERGO is one of the highest tradable PoW coins which has been active since 2017. To mine ERGO you might look for the best ERGO mining pool and here is what we are bringing for you.

Mining is not profitable for Bitcoin miners hence people moving to new and profitable coins like ERGO. Choosing the best mining pools can help to increase your mining revenue.

You can find many mining pools on Google but we chose top mining pools that are beneficial in the sense of mining revenue, fees, trust, numbers of miners, payment methods, etc.

Ergo coin is based on the Autolykos2 mining algorithm.

Before checking the list of Ergo mining pools let’s understand what is Ergo Coin.

What Is Ergo?

Ergo is a PoW-based next-generation smart contract platform that provides economic freedom to every type of user by offering them accessible, secure, easy-to-use, and decentralized financial tools.

It calls itself a self-amendable protocol that absorbs new ideas and improves in order to offer a decentralized ecosystem to crypto users.

Ergo was first introduced in 2016 and launched its mainnet in July 2019. It was launched with the aim of providing permissionless and composable financial contracts. The maximum supply is 97,739,925 ERG coins and 4.43% of coins are reserved for the team & the rest of the coins are available for mining.

Where I Can Buy Erg Coin?

Want to buy an ERGO coin instead of mining then you should go with the following top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges Kucoin, Huobi, Gate, and CoinEx.

Best Ergo Mining Pool

In our research, we found more than 20 mining pools supporting ERG coin but we picked the top 7 from them that can be more beneficial to you in your Ergo mining journey.

K1Pool (Dual Mining)

K1Pool offers Dual mining while mining Ergo coin you can get rewarded with Zil, Kaspa, and RXD. They also have a feature called auto switching which automatically chooses the profitable coin to mine when one coin goes down choose another.

Around 200 miners are mining using the K1Pool, with pool luck of 6%. The current pool hash rate is around 3.12 TH/s, SOLO and pool mining is possible, SOLO mining pool hash rate is 2.62 TH/s and PPLNS pool mining hash rate is around 600 GH/s.

There are only 12 miners mining Ergo as Solo miners but their hash rate is quite high.

They have servers in Europe, China, USA. Payments are sent every 20 minutes.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 0.50 ERG


DxPool was introduced first in 2018 as a mining pool later they started providing other crypto-related services like Litecoin Explorer and multi-coin wallet.

You can mine coins like Ergo, Monero, Litecoin, Handshake, Siacoin, CKB, Kadena, etc.

There are more than 1260 miners mining Ergo coins on DxPool. The current pool hash rate is 3.72 TH/s. The pool fee is quite high in comparison to other mining pools but other things make it perfect for miners.

Fee: 2.5% PPS

Minimum Payout: 0.50 ERG


Nanopool is without any doubt one of the best and oldest mining pools for all major coins like Bitcoin, Monero, and Ergo coin.

They have more than 1200 miners and more than 2850 workers mining ERG coin Nanopool.

The Nanpopool covers almost 40% of the total ERG mining pool hash rate, the current pool hash rate is around 8.1%. Servers are available in the USA, Europe, Japan, Asia, and Australia.

Fee: 2.5% PPS

Minimum Payout: 1 ERG

Kryptex (Dual Mining)

Kryptex is a crypto mining platform where you can find different mining-related products like miners, OS, pools, and renting GPU. You can also mine coins on your simple desktop by just downloading their software.

You can mine coins like Ergo, Conflux, Ethereum Classic, EthW, Raven, UBQ, and XMR. With Kryptex you can mine ERG coin while it supports dual mining which gives you extra reward in other coins which is IRON FISH and KASPA coins.

Currently, there are 63 miners and 2205 workers mining ERG coins. The minimum payout is 1 ERG and the maximum payout is 1000 ERG. The mining pool hash rate is 378.97 GH/s.

Fee: 1% PPS+

Minimum Payout: 1 ERG


2Miners has been there since 2017 and started with a few coins later they started supporting other major coins currently they support more than 20 coins which you can mine with ASIC, GPU, and CPUs.

The mining pool allows you to mine ERGO coins and get paid in Bitcoin. You can mine all major coins like Ergo, Ravencoin, Bitcoin, etc.

Currently, there are more than 3500 miners. The pool hash rate is around 8 TH/s and network difficulty is 2.14 P. You can find their servers in Europe, USA, and Asia. It covers almost 35% of the total ERGO mining pool hash rate.

2Miners supports dual mining where you can get Kaspa in reward along with ERG.

Fee: 1.00% PPLNS & 1.5% SOLO

Minimum Payout: 1 ERG


HeroMiners has servers in more than 10 locations including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, etc. HeroMiners supports dual mining in which you can add Kaspa, Alph, and IRON Fish coins.

HeroMiners total pool hash rate is 1.49 TH/s with more than 2900 workers & 1350+ miners. The current effort is 26.4%.

The payment is sent to the wallet every 1 hour, you can mine SOLO or in the pool with the payment method of PROP.

Fee: 0.90% SOLO & PROP

Minimum Payout: 1 ERG


WoolyPooly is just another multi-coin mining pool that allows you to mine Erg with three other coins Kaspa, Alph, and RXD.

There are more than 833 miners mining ERGO coins with PPLNS payment mode and 38 miners mining ERGO SOLO. The pool hash rate is around 550 GH/s and the network difficulty is around 2.144 P.

They have partnered with CoinEx to allow their users to withdraw their mined coin directly to the CoinEx exchange where you can trade, convert, or withdraw to your bank without any KYC.

This pool is also compatible with MininRigRentals and Nicehash. WoolyPooly is one of the best Ergo mining pools for mining ERG coins.

Fee: 0.90% SOLO & PROP

Minimum Payout: 1 ERG

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