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Fanchain ICO Review And Details

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on February 18, 2019 by cryptocreed

Sportscastr developed a project called fanchain ICO to use on their platform. Fanchain features include digital goods, tips, subscriptions, and pay-per-view (PPV), and an enterprise-grade SDK. These features added because of the current problems faced by consumers and producers in a market. The content created by producers is great and reachable but what they should get in from their content is not getting by them. Sports and social network contents are high in demand but still, it is profitable for producers. Fans have an equal place to get rewarded.

By using Fanchains ICO frameworks users will be rewarded with a token that can be used on the online sports ecosystem, where they want to contribute and a feedback loop. Fanchains Mints powered by a Dapp which allows third-party entities to distribute Fanchain tokens.

The reward for supporting their favorite teams: By sharing news, alerts, commentary, and joining in social conversation of their favorite team’s Fans can earn FanChain tokens. These tokens are convertible into rewards, goods, or access the contents from leagues or media platforms.

Engage Leagues and Teams in new ways: Teams and leagues rewards to most engaged fans in Fanchain tokens and can accept tokens for merchandise.

Media and sports platform increase Fan engagement: Social networks, OTT platforms, Online publishers can distribute Fanchain tokens to their followers or FAN for following them on social media.

Ways to use FANZ (Fanchain token)

Tickets:  Users can purchase game tickets from leagues, teams, and ticket vendors.

Merchandise: Use FANZ to do online shopping or on sports merchandise on FanPrizes.com

Access: Use FANZ to watch premium content on sportscastr and OTT platforms.

Tipping: Give tip to your favorite broadcasters and athletes on sportscastr

Betting: Users can use FANZ tokens on the betting platform of Fanchain, it is the part of the Fanchains ecosystem.

Fantasy: Access all types of fantasy streams on sportscastr and join Users can use FANZ tokens on the betting platform of Fanchain, it is part of the Fanchains ecosystem.

Fantasy: Access all types of fantasy streams on sportscastr and join our favorite team.

Fanchains product or utility of tokens

Fanwallet: FAN tokens are based on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain. It is easily usable to send and receive on all standard Ethereum wallets like myetherwallet. But Fanchains special feature team stamps will not visible in those wallets. That’s why Fanchain developed wallets for web, android, and iOS devices.

FanExchange: Users can exchange or buy and sell stamped tokens of a specific team with another team’s tokens.

FanPay: Fanchain payment gateway allows apps, stores, and other entities to accept Fanchain tokens as payment.

FanPrizes: Fanprizes.com allows users to collect or buy all types of rewards and prizes with their FAN token. sportscastr llc.

Token and ICO details

Ticker: FANZ

Token Price: 0.025 USD

Total token supply: 600MM

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