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7 Best & Most Secured Ethereum Classic Wallet To Store ETC

by cryptocreed
Best Ethereum Classic Wallet

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by cryptocreed

You are an ETC coin holder? Looking for the most secure ethereum classic wallet to store your ETC coin? Then you are at the right place because in this article you are going to find all those highly trusted etc coin wallets.

Ethereum Classic is a fork of Ethereum and launched in 2016 after a major hack event happened over the Ethereum network.

Currently, Ethereum Classic price is low, it is trading around $15 per ETC coin with a market cap of $2 billion and $100 million 24h volume. You can buy ETC coins on major exchanges like Binance and Kucoin.

5 Best Ethereum Classic Wallet

Following are the 5 best Ethereum classic wallets that you can use to store your ETC coins securely. This list contains every type of wallet including software, extension, web, mobile, etc.

TrustWallet (Mobile and Extension)

Trust Wallet is one of the best crypto wallets in the world supported by Binance. It supports more than 60 chains and more than 1500 coins including tokens. The coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, etc.

With Trust Wallet, you can control the fund as you get the private key and the Trust Wallet doesn’t store any credentials of users. You can store, send, receive, trade, and exchange Ethereum Classic coins.

It has more than 15 million downloads over 3 different devices.

Ethereum Classic Paper Wallet

Paper wallets and hardware wallets are considered one of the safest ways to store your coins. If you know how to use a paper wallet safely then no one can hack or steal your money from you.

There are a very limited number of ETC paper wallets available on the internet and some of them you can find in this article on the best Ethereum classic paper wallets.

Paper wallets can be one of the best etc coin wallets. If you are an ETH holder then you can also check out the list of ETH Paper Wallets.


Exodus is one of the best Ethereum classic wallets. It supports more than 50 networks including Ethereum classic coin or network.

You can use Exodus on your mobile device, desktop, and in Trezor device. You can also use their swap feature to swap coins from/to etc.

If you are a desktop user then you can use this wallet as it works well on desktop devices.


One of the oldest and most highly trusted Ethereum and best Ethereum classic wallets that you can use to store your coins. You can also create a wallet on MyEtherWallet offline.

MyEtherWallet allows you to create a wallet using different methods including paper wallet, hardware integration, extension, third-party apps, and more. Here is an article on how to create an ETC wallet.


If you are in crypto, especially in Ethereum, and don’t know about Metamask then you don’t know anything about crypto. Metamask is one of the most widely used Ethereum and EVM-based coin wallets.

With Metamask you can easily create your etc wallet.

Other Ethereum Classic Wallets

You can find a list of Ethereum Classic Wallets on the official Ethereum Classic website. As the list is not up to date I do suggest checking each wallet’s social media page to know if they are active or not.

While doing research I found some of the wallets are inactive. Here is the wallet page from the official website “https://ethereumclassic.org/services/wallets”

How To Check ETC Wallet Balance?

You can use any Ethereum classic blockchain explorer to check the balance of any wallet. Get your wallet address and go to https://etcblockexplorer.co and enter your wallet address in the search bar, press enter to see the balance or stat of your wallet.

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