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Energy Web Token Explained: Where To Buy Energy Web Token (EWT)

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Blockchain has the solution for each and every field and including the energy field. Either you are living corporate life or simple life, everyone needs energy, right? Here Energy Web Token comes into action that helps to get energy and energy powered things easily and safely.

Here point to be noted is that the project name is Energy Web and the token name is Energy Web Token, so don’t get confused between them.

What Is The Energy Web?

According to its website, the energy web is, “Accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by enabling any energy asset owned by any customer to participate in any energy market.”

Also, the Energy Web’s full and official name is EW-DOS: The Energy Web Decentralized Operating System. it was founded on 19th June 2019 but it becomes live in the year 2020. And the part of it, Energy Web Foundation was founded in the year 2017.

The EWT is a native token and not based on Ethereum.

Energy Web Token (EWT)

Many people think that EWT is the ERC20 based token but it is not. Actually, EWT is a native token. They have developed the EWTB that is ERC20 which can be transfer and users can transfer EWT (an Energy Web Chain) to the EWTB (Energy Web Token Bridge).

The current token supply of EWT is 59,380,068. 14,093,276 tokens are allocated to the team (Static. EW’s endowment and operating funds). For founding organizations, 10,000,000 tokens are allocated which will be locked until June 2021. 4,061,709 EWT for the community funds.

Where To Buy Energy Web Token

Energy Web Token is available to buy on many known cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin, HotBit, BitMart, Uniswap, and Liquid.

If you are a trader then I suggest checking prices on different sites to get benefits. For example, the current rate of EWT on HotBit is 6.07$ and 6.25$ on Bitmart.

There is an Energy Web Token exchange where you can swap EWT with Ethereum based tokens. Click here to visit their exchange.

Which Wallet To Use?

You can store EWT in Energy Web Token Wallet which is Ledger, Web3 (like MetaMask), Trezor, Parity Signer, or you can use Private Key, KeyStore File, and Mnemonic Phrase using MyCrypto.

Energy Web Token Price Prediction

Speculating the price of any crypto is not easy and it is really tough to predict. The price of tokens depends on various factors.

  • 1-year forecast: 20$ to 35$
  • 5-year forecast: 90$ to 110$

It is said that they are going to launch their product next year and within the next 5 years they are going to launch many other services and products.

Energy Web Foundation Team

Ewald Hesse and Jon Creyts are the main members of the foundation council and other team members are as below.

energy web token team

Is This Correct Time To Buy EWT Token?

In crypto, it is never late. Yes, this is the correct time to buy EWT tokens. But investing all your money in one coin or token is not a good idea so buy wisely.

You can purchase on Kucoin and other exchange but try to store them on hardware wallets, because they are safe.

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